Favorite Posts

300 Ab Challenge-Results- 30 days, 300 ab moves, it works.

Kendall's Room Reveal- my first go round with decorating a nursery

Diet, Exercise aka What I Eat- answers to lots of questions regarding my weight loss journey

Mean Ignorant People Suck- don't judge.  period.

Kendall As An Only Child- how I thought we'd be only child parents

Splurge vs. Save- a few things I will spend the money on

How I Got The Skinnies Back-reaching my weight loss goals

Keep It Simple aka Don't Sweat The Small Stuff-overcoming my fears

Pre-Baby Life- if I knew then what I know now, on being a mom

Baby Dew #2: 7 Weeks- my 7 week bumpdate with our second baby

Maybe I'm Crazy- things that make me, well, me


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