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August 28, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Beach Waves

Remember when I posted pictures of my middle part and then you asked for a video on how to do beach waves?  Then remember how I was all, "sure thing sweet cheeks!  anything you want you get!"?  And then remember how I didn't do my hair for like a month?  Unless you consider a messy excuse for a top knot a hair-do. 
Well soul sisters, I'm here with a hair how-to.  You can thank my BFF for turning the dirty thirty, forcing me to clean my act up and look presentable for an evening out.  My husband thanks her as well. 
I have two methods for creating beach waves, one involves using the flat iron {yes FLAT iron} and the other requires a 1 inch curling iron.  For this how-to we'll start with the flat iron method just because I think it holds the curl longer {and it was humid when I did this} and I got more questions like "OMG you use a FLAT iron?  How in the world?!" So I'm taking the kill two birds with one stone approach on this video.
Disclaimer:  I have a cold sore, still.  Thank you NC sun.  I got a great tan, yes, but the cold sore was a little unnecessary.
Also I don't know how to do fancy things like make this fast-forward 6.5 minutes so if you want to jump to about 7.5 minutes to see the results you are welcome to.  Sorry for the rambling.
I ended up not needing to touch up the curls/waves after all.  Just a spritz of the hair spray and good to go!
Like I said, let me know if you try this out.  If you love or hate it!  If you have a better suggestion.

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July 14, 2012

#BBFF Weekend Vlog

You asked, we answered.  No outtakes, no retakes, no editing.  You're welcome.


May 16, 2012

Stop & Smell the Roses

I just had to link up with Mandy again, I just love the idea behind SASTR.  
I'm not kidding about the Mark moisturizer either and I'm not just trying to make a buck. I really really love it and that's the reason I filmed this with just moisturizer on, so you could see.  
If you want to order some click here.  I use the ivory/nude- for reference.  If you are a first time customer you can use code REPFLYER to get free direct delivery on any order! 

March 14, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

Stop and Smell the Roses
This week I'm saying SO WHAT! if...
I'm doing things a little bit differently this week because I REALLY wanted to be able to link up with Mandy for Stop & Smell the Roses Wednesday.  
So link up with her, or me, or {even better} BOTH!