October 26, 2016

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I have never seen Hocus Pocus.  I tried to watch it last year but could not get into it.  
  • We didn't take family photos this fall.  I'm kind of sad about it but at the same time I'm kinda glad to have a year off.
  • I can't wait to get the BIG Toys R Us toy catalog in the mail.
  • I've never tried Nutella.  Gasp, I know.
  • I could not get on board with Country Heat.  It, honestly, was embarrassing to me.
  • I'm really sad my Positivity Project is wrapping up today.  It's been so amazing. 
  • I've just discovered podcasts and now I'm obsessed.  
  • I am the only person alive who hasn't seen or cares about Gilmore Girls.
  • I'm obsessed with all things Halloween themed this year.  All the shows.  All the activities.  All the pumpkin.
  • I can't help but look at houses even though we won't be ready to buy till spring.
  • I'm getting the warm and fuzzies when I see these holiday commercials.
  • I'm asking for a bike and a new iPhone {still rocking the 5s over here} for Christmas.
  • I am really REALLY excited about our new program, Core De Force, that launches next week.
  • I was tempted to listen to Christmas music yesterday.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?

October 22, 2016

Favorite Shakeology Recipes

Often times I get asked what my favorite recipe for Shakeology is and the answer is, I have many!  If I had to pick my number one it would absolutely be the Reese Cup but all of these are delicious if you're looking to yummify your superfoods.  I also have a different favorite depending on the season we're in {strawberry cheesecake for summer, pumpkin spice for fall and candy cane for winter}.  So without further ado, here are a few of my favorites.

A little info about Shakeology! First of all, it's all natural. It's made up of over 70 fruits and veggies and gives you your daily recommended dose in ONE packet! Pretty amazing right? The drying process of the fruits and veggies BB uses is one of the best in preserving all of the nutrients! 

There are a variety of flavors to choose from: Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Greenberry as well as vegan options. Shakeo can be used as a nutrition supplement or as a weight loss supplement (meal replacement). I typically replace lunch because it's just easiest for me!  For a months worth of Shakeo it is $129 which breaks down to $4 and change per packet which isn't bad at all {I told myself when I started that's cheaper than my Starbucks - and it's healthy - and it's my breakfast!}

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me a message and I'd be happy to assist you in picking the perfect flavor!

October 21, 2016

Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies

I am a sucker for all things seasonal. When summer hits I can't wait to work on my tan, hit up the farmers market and spend every waking second at the pool. Come fall I want to do all the apple/pumpkin picking, hayrides and bonfires.  The same is true of the holidays.

One of our favorite things to do do once it gets cold outside is to snuggle up and watch movies, popcorn and all!  Sometimes we'll make a fort for the kids, which the love. In honor of Halloween I wanted to watch as many "spooky" shows but also that were appropriate for a three and six-year-old.  These are some of our go-tos for Halloween.
  • Toy Story of Terror. Mr. Potato head goes missing while the gang is on a road trip and staying overnight at a motel.  They set out to find their friend who's fate is unknown.  They must find him before they suffer the same fate!  This is my favorite and I'd venture to say the kids' too.  It's so cute and just "scary" enough.  We watch this one numerous times during the season.

  • Spooky Buddies.  The adorable pups find themselves in a spooky mansion and must stop Warwick from "destroying the world".  This is funny more than it is "scary" which I prefer for this age group.  Kendall is obsessed with dogs and she loves all of the Buddies movies so this is a perfect Halloween movie for her.

  • Spookley The Square Pumpkin. Poor Spookley is a pumpkin who's shape is square rather then round. He's teased and taunted by other mean round pumpkins. But he receives help from a Scarecrow and his 2 bat side-kicks and 3 very funny spiders.  This is so cute not only because it's festive but it also teaches a really sweet lesson.  We always look forward to Spookley.
  • Monster House.  A young boy lives across the street from a creepy old house with an even creepier resident.  Any toy that goes into the yard disappears and the boy believes that the house is haunted even though no one believes him.  This one was a tad bit scary for James.  There were a couple of times, in the beginning, that I saw his eyes looked as big as silver dollars.  
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- Mickey's Treat.  The gang all kids know and love are on their way to Pete's Halloween Party but they must get their before the moon is full or the gates close!  My kids are/were big  MMCH fans and even though they are a tad bit big for it now they still love this Halloween episode.

    Some honorable mentions are It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown {which my kids don't care for but I love}, Monsters Inc/Monsters University {not Halloween themed but still a big hit in our house}, and E.T. {Jimmy's personal favorite}.  

    What are your favorite, kid-friendly, Halloween movies?

    October 12, 2016

    SO WHAT! Wednesday

    This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

    • I really wanted to try this Lip Sense everyone is talking about, until I saw the price tag {holy crap!!!}.  A friend recommended this CoverGirl version {less than $10} so I picked it up over the weekend. Now I haven't tried the other stuff but this knockoff blew me away!  It stayed on for over 8 hours and, let's face it, I never go anywhere for more than a couple hours so I call it a total win!!
    • I'm obsessed with winter PJs.
    • Some days I wake up early to do yoga, other days I wake up early to watch Teen Mom OG.
    • I've already started the kids {and my} Christmas list{s}.
    • I can't decide if I think Kim Kardashian is making up this whole robbery...I mean I wouldn't put it past the Kardashian-Wests...
    • I'm so happy Snapchat updated the way you watch stories.  I hated that it automatically moved on to the next person.
    • Kendall lost her first tooth this week and I was more excited than she was.
    • I'm kind of ready for soccer season to be over {two more games!}.
    • I hate that my kids have outgrown/won't wear footed PJs.
    • I know I'm supposed to, but I just didn't like the Living Proof dry shampoo. Maybe my expectations were too high but for that price I expect my hair to look amazing and it didn't.  I'll stick to my cheap Not Your Mothers from now on.  
    • I saw Halo Top came out with 10 new flavors, dropped what I was doing and went to Kroger.  The peanut butter cup is to die for, BTW.  
    What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?

    October 6, 2016

    No Gym, No Problem

    This post is part of a compensated campaign with Mom It Forward Blogger Network and Balanced Body® but all my opinions are my own.

    Living In The middle of Nowhere Ohio has it's advantages:

    • I can see all of the stars from my backyard.
    • When I look out any of my windows all I see is landscape, no houses.
    • No random people walk through our yard.
    • It's quiet.
    • Our kids and dogs have a huge yard to play in.
    And the list could go on.  It's really quite beautiful in the country even though it means driving 20-30 minutes to the closest Target, decent restaurant or gym.  

    Since the closest {gym with childcare} is about 20 minutes away, in the opposite direction of most things I do on a daily basis, working out at home has become my solution.  If you've followed my journey you already know my love for at home workouts runs deep.  I've managed to get in the best shape of my life, at 33-years-old, after two babies, at home.  I am proof that you don't need a big fancy gym or lots of equipment to break a sweat and drop those post-partum pounds.  

    One of the biggest tips I can give people who have a hard time working out is to change it up.  Change up the way you workout, the type of workouts you're doing and then your mind {and body} won't get bored.  I am always trying new things from running a 5k, to yoga, to HIIT training and everything in between.  I also love that sore feeling you get when you try a new workout for the first time, hurts so good!

    When Balanced Body® contacted me to try out their new complete home gym, MOTR®, I couldn't wait to change up my workouts and give it a try.  Plus doing Pilates in the comfort of my own home sounded ah-mazing.  What is MOTR®?  It's MOre Than a Roller.  It’s a complete home gym in a 43” cylinder that won’t break the bank or take up much space.  You can improve your strength, balance, agility, sports conditioning and cardio – then stow in a closet when you are done.

    We'd all love to have an hour or more each day to head to the gym, but when you are competing with work, school, and family, MOTR® can provide a quick, complete workout in nearly any room in the house.  MOTR® comes with a DVD with two workouts, and flash cards that let you mix and match exercises depending on what you’d like to work on that day. You can target:

    • Core Integration
    • Balance
    • Agility Training
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Body

    MOTR’s unique and innovative design allows you to work out in eight different body positions, and
    quickly switch resistance {light, medium and heavy} while targeting fitness areas including cardio, balance, functional movement, mind-body coordination, agility, and strength training.  You can literally do it all with this machine!

    I love this tool because it's compact and easy to maneuver.  I pull it out, get my workout in, and slide it back into our coat closet.  Assembly was even easier, I set it up in a matter of minutes.  I have always wanted to try Pilates but 1. those machines always look like torture chambers 2. there is no gym near me that offers Pilates and 3. I would probably be too embarrassed to try it at a studio/gym for the first time anyway.  MOTR® allows me to practice at home without fear of judgement, without driving miles to the closest studio and this machine definitely looks less scary.  

    Do you want to try Pilates at home?  Are you a busy mom who barely has time to make it to a gym?  Is your closest gym miles away, like me?  Well you're in luck! I am giving away one MOTR® to a very special reader!  All you have to do to be entered to win one of these amazing in home gyms is comment telling me your favorite workout and why! Good luck!!!

    October 3, 2016

    S E V E N

    Seven years ago we said, "I Do".

    Seven years.  One house.  Two kids.  Three dogs.  Four career changes.  Five cars.  Numerous holidays, parties and celebrations.  Countless laughs and just as many memories.  Seven of the best years of my life but also some of the hardest.  Having my best friend by my side through all of life's big moments make them that much sweeter and that much easier to endure.  

    I've always heard year seven referred to as "the seven year itch" and honestly I didn't know why until I Googled it when writing this. Are we destined for "the seven year itch"?  I had to look it up. 

    "Chronologically, the seventh year typically represents the presence of young children in the home. Around this time of family life, demands are high and resources are limited. The couple is trying to navigate who takes care of a sick kid, how to make ends meet on a tight budget, and how to succeed at work when your spouse and kids need you at home. Both husband and wife feel exhausted, overworked, and underappreciated. Whether they say it out loud or not, they both wonder, “What about my life? What happened to my dreams? I feel like I woke up in someone else’s life.”

    Because time, energy, and money are short, a couple in this stage of marriage rarely has a chance to enjoy each other. When they laugh together, it’s probably because one of the kids said something funny. They’ve become “mom and dad” and forgotten how to be “husband and wife.” Great sex might happen once a year. Realistically, you’re never both “in the mood” at the same time, which also happens to be when the children are quiet and don’t need you. Advice like, “Go on a date night once a week” sounds good but seems impossible to implement." 

    WOW!  Yep, I think that about sums it up.  Little kids, check.  Limited resources/funds, check.  Even more limited date nights, check.  Exhausted, check  Overworked {Jimmy}, check.  Underappreciated, check.  Making ends meet, check.  Check, check, check.  

    The phrase, "the seven year itch", carries a negative connotation.  It implies turmoil, rocky roads, distance, and maybe even divorce.  While I do believe that those things can be true of year seven, after reading the definition above you could say we've hit "the seven year itch" except I feel like this is not necessarily a bad thing.

    All of those "troubles" have been blips on the radar when I look at the big picture of our life.  Some way bigger blips, more like blobs, than others.  Yes having little kids is stressful and draining.  It is hard to see your spouse as the young, vibrant,fun person you married.  Date nights are few and far between.  A very tight budget makes it impossible to get away for a much needed husband/wife vacation.  Jimmy works long hours/days and sometimes works a second job as needed which leaves him feeling overworked and tired and means he isn't home much.  We don't get to enjoy each other as much as we'd like.  All of this is true.

    Going through all of these things doesn't mean our marriage is destined for failure though.  It doesn't mean one of us is "itching" to get out.  It means that we've had some rough patches, some hard times and we're going to continue to go through these things because life is not all puppy dogs and rainbows.  I know, without a shadow of doubt, that these problems have actually brought us closer together, even if neither of us want to admit that.  Going through the hardest times and having your best friend by your side in your worst moments is love.

    One of the things I love most about our marriage is that we balance each other out quite nicely. When one of us is stressed to the max the other is calm and reassuring that everything is going to be alright.  Where I am more neurotic and uptight, Jimmy is more carefree and easy-going.  We both seem to know what the other needs and are more than willing to bend a little even if it means putting our own wants/needs aside or a while.

    Year seven is going to be full of ups and downs, that I am sure of because that is life.  I know just when we think, "it can't get any worse" it will.  I know that we are going to have times when we think, "this is it, this is the best and it will never be better than right here, right now".  I also know that I am more in love with my husband than ever before.  He works hard for our family.  He provides us with more than we need.  He loves us to the depths of his being  He still knows how to make me laugh.  He is handsome as heck and he still makes me feel like marrying me was the best decision he ever made.

    Our life is not perfect and it's not always pretty.  When we said our vows, however, we said "for better or worse" not "till the seven year itch kicks in".  I wouldn't trade our "troubles" for anyone else's because I don't want to give up our blessings.  At the end of the day, we are blessed.  As long as I've got Jimmy by my side I know everything is going to be alright.  I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend.

    September 29, 2016

    Five Things I'm Loving

    I'm nosy and that's probably why I love blogging so much. You get a glimpse into people's lives, their likes, their struggles, and you can relate. You no longer feel like a weird-o or a bad mom because someone out there is like you {in some ways}.  I love to see what other goodies people are into these days so I thought I'd share some things I'm loving right now.

    1. Green Mountain Coffee-Pumpkin Spice K Cups.  I'm addicted- I drink 2-3 per day currently.  Since it's National Coffee Day so I don't feel too bad about it...today.  I don't like PSL, no I don't, but these babies are just the right amount of fall festiveness to make me happy.  And now I'm gonna go make another cup. Don't judge me.
    2. American Horror Story: Roanoke.  Guys last season of AHS was a total shit show.  Am I right?  We had to turn it off, pray to Jesus and never look back 45 minutes into the first episode.  What the hell was that?!  This season is right up my alley though, back to it's "roots".  I grew up watching scary movies so it takes a good one to give me the spooks and this does it.  I have so many questions each week and I kinda hate that I have to watch it live because I totally want to binge watch.  It's a little bit Blair Witch Project, a little bit AHS season one and I love it.  Are you watching?
    3. 3 Week Yoga Retreat.  Since about this time last year I've been practicing yoga pretty regularly.  I've done the 30 Days of Yoga and Yoga Camp from Yoga with Adriene and loved both.  Whenever I'm feeling like I need it I go to her YouTube channel and pull up any one of her practices and dive right in.  I was SO EXCITED when Beachbody announced that they were coming out with a yoga program this summer.  Once I read the details I was a little nervous though.  It seemed like it might be too new school and so I judge it before I even gave it a try.  You know that saying, "never judge a book by it's cover"?  Couldn't be more true of me and the 3 Week Yoga Retreat.  I officially started it last week and I am loving it!  It's so good for beginners but also good for the more experienced too because it's good to try new things.  I still find it challenging some days but in a good way.  My body is responding and I am so excited for the next two weeks.  
    4. American Eagle Hi-Rise Jeggings.  I'm fairly certain I've talked about these before but, with the cooler temps approaching, they are worth re-mentioning.  I was super skeptical of jeggings when I first learned about these {pajama jeans anyone?} but I tried them anyway.  Dream come true.  They're soft, they're stretchy, they don't gap in the back {girls with a booty will appreciate this}, they go with everything.  I have three pair and they're the only pants I wear in the fall/winter {besides yoga pants}.
    5. Yeti Rambler Tumbler.  I know, I know, everyone and their mom has one these days and they all have cute monogrammed stickers to boot.  Well that's because they're awesome!  I use it every single day.  You want to keep you coffee hot?  This baby will keep it hot for AT LEAST two hours, I kid you not.  I fill it up with ice water at night, before bed and their is still solid ice when I wake up in the morning.  Everyone needs one, I promise it's worth it.
    There you have it, my five faves on this Friday eve. What are you loving right now?