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November 1, 2013

Friday Flashback {+Giveaway}

Three years ago I was nearly 3 months post-partum with Kendall.  I had done nothing to change my diet and/or exercise after she was born and I was just kind of complacent with the way I looked. I remember just thinking, "well this is the new me, this is my mom body" and doing nothing differently. Sure I wasn't happy when I looked in the mirror but I also wasn't motivated {at that point} to do anything to change that image either.  This is me 3 months after she was born in November 2010.
I was still wearing maternity jeans in these pictures and at the time that didn't even bother me. I still had "just had a baby" brain and thought that was acceptable for a 3 month post-partum woman. It wasn't until March 2011 that "it" finally hit me and I decided to do something about it.  Seven months post-partum before I finally took action to get myself back to a healthy place.  

Now, I am 3 months post-partum with James {their birthdays are just two days apart} and I am happy to report that I am way more motivated than I was three years ago.  I started getting healthy almost immediately after his birth and I'm so happy I made that decision early on this time.  I'm already 10lbs lighter than I was when I started using MFP seven months after Kendall was born.  So that, in itself, makes me happy.  This is me 3 months after James was born, November 2013.

I've definitely got a long way to go but holy cow what a difference.  I mean sure I'm still bootylicious and no matter what I'm not one of those girls who loses weight in her boobs first, I wish.  I'd say there's a good 15-20 lb difference between these two sets of pictures and at least one pant size {maybe two, I can't remember because I was still wearing maternity jeans at this point with Kendall}.

I know when I feel discouraged it helps to look at these pictures and the progress I've made since the day James was born.  I wish I were one of those girls who fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans just weeks after having a baby but I'm not and that's OK.  My body has done a miraculous thing {twice} and that's nothing to be ashamed of.  I will work hard and I will reach my goal again.  I will show my children what hard work and dedication and choosing a healthy lifestyle will get you.  I will set the example.



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I had the opportunity to try out the Premium Lifestyle Capsules and the Premium Lifestyle Mix and I was pleasantly surprised.  Most of those mixes all taste the same, like chalk.  This one was different, it was more like cake batter!  There are some really delicious recipes you can try to change it up and make it taste as good as a banana split. The capsules blew me away, I took one in the morning and one at lunch time and it was amazing how much less hungry I was, it really helped to curb my appetite.

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July 20, 2012

Sh!t is About to Get Real

So remember when I posted my 30 Day/300 Ab Challenge results and was like "yep, I'm sold, I'm going to keep this up!"?  Then remember how I didn't post anymore about it? Yeah that's because I was a big fat liar.
Just like I did with the logging of calories on MyFitnessPal, once I hit my goal I just expected my body would stay there, I guess.  Clearly I've learned nothing during this weight loss struggle. 
So while I didn't completely give up doing the challenge I wasn't doing it religiously like I had been.  Same with counting calories. I would do it one day, not do it all weekend, kinda sorta log my calories but then see I was going over so quit for the day.  Yeah, like that.
Truth be told. Since I hit my goal weight, last September, I've gained 15 pounds.  I can't help but be embarrassed as I type that.  But, in true L.A.I.D. fashion, I like to keep it real.  When I think about that I can't help but wonder what my results would have looked like if I wouldn't have packed on the pounds.  
I have always been they type to lose in the winter, gain in the summer, completely opposite of how it should be.  I blame the delicious cook outs, iced cold brews, and too many fun activities to work out. Pathetic, I know, but it's the truth.  
I haven't felt comfortable in my skin in a few weeks now.  I've noticed things fitting a bit tighter, not looking as cute, just kinda blah.  I've also been rocking the tankini again.  I wore my bikini like twice and then I started feeling really self conscious so I went and bought a really cute {and flattering} tankini and I've been rocking it ever since.  Lame.  My skin also doesn't look so hot .  I blame that on the lack of water I've been drinking.  Must drink more water.
But we go to the beach in less than a month.  I am determined to be the hottest I've been by then.  My brother-in-law has challenged our whole family to get into the best beach body possible, the winner gets pampered by all on day 1 of vacation.  You know what that means for me?  I get childcare the first day of vacation.  If that's not motivation to get my ass up and the lbs down, I don't know what is.  Seriously.  I'm also thinking that I should pull some Mariah Carey shit and demand only blue M&Ms and only red Skittles.  Why not?
So with the push of my family competition and with the help of my Vi-Shakes, I am down 3lbs this week, already!  I officially started doing the ab challenge again too and I can only imagine the results I'll get when combining it with calorie counting.  I'm actually really excited.   

Life After I


April 6, 2012

Yes, You Read That Right

I don't know if I should laugh or be concerned about the number of sweet comments I got in sympathy for my 30 No Alcohol Experiment. I know my mom thinks I'm a drunk and need to attend AA meetings and so she was happy to hear I was giving up the sauce for a month-ish.  But you girls, you are just as much of a lush as I am.  Some of you said you'd drink for me while others told me how cray-cray I am for even attempting such an experiment.  Others of you asked if I am pregnant, ::eyeroll::.  No!  I am not.
The reason behind said 30 day experiment, is it weird that I refer to it as an experiment?, is the same reason behind Firm Friday, to get fit!  Let's face it, even before Kendall was a blip on our radar I had a pooch.  It was nothing to be ashamed of and looking back it was hardly even noticeable but it has always been my problem area. I can tone up my ass, firm up the thighs, hell I can even make the chicken flapper arms less flabby but the tummy always gives me hell.  I hear that alcohol causes, increases, doesn't help you get rid of belly fat.
So I'm giving up my beloved to see if it helps.  30 days is nothing when compared to the 9 months I gave it up when I was pregnant, right?  The rules won't be as strict this time though.
I mean The Husband can be so silly at times.
I mean the goal is 30 days with NO alcohol BUT if there happens to be a special occasion or my husband gets a bur up his ass and decides to take me to the winery for a vineyard tour, I'll have a glass or five for celebratory purposes, you know.
I'm not only cutting alcohol but I'm getting back to MyFitnessPal app.  I mean I've slacked long enough and the scale shows it.  So it's back to strict 1200 calories and working out more days than not, so hopefully that means four days a week.
Oh another thing that spurred this dedication?  This little baby.
Oh, yes I did.  I mainly got this for the motivation.  If I see this cute little chevron stripe bikini hanging in the closet I'll want to wear it.  In order to wear it I have to 1. eat better 2. exercise more 3. get a tan.  So that's my motivational bikini.  I will wear it this summer, even if it means water for dinner and one beer, glass of wine, cocktail a week.  I will wear it.

p.s. only a couple more days to enter the book giveaway from Brandy Bruce!  Who doesn't love free books?

March 9, 2012

Firm Friday

Another week, another Firm Friday.  This FF is serious though.  As in for 3 days this week I did 2 workouts a day, that's 6 workouts this week y'all.  I started because Jimmy was out of town so I was doing a workout during Kendall's nap and then the evening I was so bored that I'd do another one.  Well Jimmy got home on Wednesday and needless to say I didn't do any work out that day but I loved the feeling of 2-a-days so much that I wanted to keep it going.  Thursday I woke up bright and early at 5:30 and got a workout in and then during Kendall's morning nap I got in a 5K.
Speaking of first one is in just over a week, it's NEXT Saturday people!  I have to say I'm excited to get it over with.  Not because I want to put the first race/pre-race jitters behind me but because, quite frankly, I'm over running.  There I said it.  I'm over it.  I've been very honest about my experience with running this far so why quit now?  I've told you I've never loved it, so no lies here.  In fact, I've only been running about once a week lately and none of it has been outside, so this race ought to be interesting to say the least.  I know I will run the entire thing but my pace may not be what it used to be, and that's OK with me.  The goal here?  Finish {and then drink LOTS of green beers}!
See I've come to realize that I need variation in my workouts, something that running on the treadmill just doesn't give me.  Instead I started doing the 30 Day Shred again.  For you long time readers you'll remember I did 30DS to prepare for my boudoir pics and the wedding back in '09 and saw results without changing much else about my lifestyle.  I know it works and so why not start doing it again?  I also incorporated a couple new home workout DVDs to my collection, courtesy of Jillian Michaels, of course.
 Jillian is the best DVD workout teacher I've "met".  I've done Core Secrets and I have Weight Loss Yoga with Bob Harper and none of them can compare to "TVs toughest trainer".  She's motivating, she's encouraging and she's here for results!  I have done both DVDs this week {along with some incline walking on the treadmill} and I can officially say that if I keep this routine up there will be results in fewer than 6 weeks. 
Jillian is no joke!  She's all about pushing you and making you work for the body you want, "this doesn't come for free". Even Jimmy is excited to start 6W6P, even though he's yet to give it a try.  I was sore the days after I did both DVDs but not so sore that I couldn't function, I think that's important to note.  
6W6P is core based so even though you work arms, shoulders, back and even legs all the moves are intended to strengthen your core muscles {where I need the most help}.  This one is tough.  It's circuit based, just like 30DS, and she goes through the moves slower at first and then, like Tae-Bo {told you I've tried them all}, the second time around is double time.  I'll say during the first round I was all, "this ain't so bad", but when we moved to double time, boy did I feel the burn!
Yoga Meltdown is unlike any yoga I've done before.  It's harder.  If you are looking to do a relaxing, mostly stretching based yoga {like I'm used to}, this isn't for you.  She mixes in cardio with it and even moves like upward dog {an easier position} are challenging in this video.  From what I've gathered this isn't a calorie burning workout, as you only burn about 150, but it's still a really good workout and stretch.  
My plan is to incorporate these videos and some light running and walking a few days a week.  I realize 2-a-days aren't always going to be possible and I'm sure I'd burn out of them after a few weeks too but for now it's a really nice accomplishment.  

February 10, 2012

Firm Friday

Another week, another Firm Friday post.  I just know how much you all love hearing me go on and on and on and on and on about weight loss stuff {sarcastic blogger}.  So today there will be no pictures of my still flabby belly or talks of my weight in numbers, you're welcome. 
Today is a more serious matter.  I'm thinking of giving up the wine.  Gah, the thought alone sends me into sweats and night shakes.  I have a box o'delicious in the fridge now but I fear it may be my last for a while.  I'm planning on giving up alcohol for at least 30 days once it's squeezed, with every ounce of life, dry. 
I tend to carry my weight in my tummy, always have, even before KP I had a pouch.  I hear that alcohol prevents you from losing belly fat, and probably adds to it, so I'm hoping to see results pretty quickly.
It's no secret that I love my wine.  I drink it almost nightly {usually a glass or two, nothing crazy} and so giving it up is going to be a BIG adjustment for me.  It's just like my comfort, my night cap if you will.  But I know that if I see results it will be worth it.
Let's face it, Mama is headed to the beach for the first time post baby and I'll be damned if I'm wearing a tankini.  No way, not this mama, not this summer.  I will be that mom that everyone says, "DAYYYUUUUMMMM...SHE has a baby?".  Yeah, that'll be me ladies.
I think I can, I think I can.


January 27, 2012

Firm Friday, It's Different

So yesterday I was going back through some of my posts in my "weight loss" label, you know for good measure.  Actually it's because me and Kristen were talking about getting our pre-baby abs back and what we need to do to get them there.  We used to be hot lil numbers back in the day and we took that for granted, big time.
You see when I was in full on wedding mode I was also in full weight loss mode.  I remember struggling to lose 2 lbs, not realizing that although the scale wasn't moving my body was changing.  I had only managed to drop 10-12 lbs before our wedding but DAMN Gina, that body was tight, firm, toned, and I didn't even appreciate it.  It wasn't until I was 100 months pregnant that I realized what a body I had.
Now when people see me they're all, "OMG you are TINY".  My mom even threatened an intervention, stating I was "getting too thin".  Part of what they say is true, a TINY part, I am "skinnier" now than I was pre-baby, but it's diferent.  Sure the scale says what I would have loved it to say 3 years ago but the body isn't what it used to be.  For example, the lowest weight I ever reached pre-baby was 142 and I looked like this.

And now today I fluctuate but usually am around 137, comfortably.
SEE the difference?  So just goes to show you that the number on the scale means NOTHING girls, nothing. 
So while I'm at a weight I haven't seen in a long time, it's different.  I would KILL to be 142 and have that definition back.  See after you have a baby things...change.  They shift, they stretch, they sag, it's not a pretty sight.  And getting back into shape post body?  Totally different too.  Back in the day I could just do some crunches and the elliptical for 30 minutes and see results, no diet necessary.  Today it's a little more tricky and a strict 1200 calorie diet is key, for me.  But, I can do it.  Last  year was all about losing the weight and I did it so I know I can do this too.  Goal weight AND toned?  Yep, that will be me. 
So, to all you girls out there with no babies, enjoy, cherish, LOVE the body you have now! If you got it, flaunt it because I can promise you it's all hard work and dedication afterward.

January 13, 2012

Firm Friday

I mean if that doesn't get your bootay up and ready to work it I don't know what will.  
So my BBFF Kristen has started Firm Fridays.  If ya'll haven't checked it out you probably should or we can no longer be friends.  So anywho...her skinny ass has decided that she needs to tone it up and I can't say I blame her.  Although she looks like a hot piece of ass to me I know what it's like to have people be all, "OMG you look so great" but not see it in the mirror.  Make sense?  OK good.  Glad we're on the same page.
So yeah, I've lost a ton of weight.  I feel great.  I look better than I did a year ago but there are still some unsightly things going on under my designer jeans and "flowy" {aka hide that tummy} tops.  Trust.  The skin is extra and saggy and well...ugly.  It needs some help in the firming department.  That's where Firm Friday comes into my life. 
You see I've sort of gotten off track with the calorie counting, like a lot.  Running has helped with that though.  Since I started running I can already tell that things are starting to get a little tighter, hello legs & butt.  I took this picture when I was just 2 weeks into running, hello gross belly.  Maybe this will make you feel better about yourself. 

Pretty nasty huh?  I can't believe I just aired all that dirty laundry but you know me, I'm all about keeping it real.
So here's the dish.  I need to get that ish under control in a bad way.  So obviously running alone ain't doing it.  Sure it's helped.  I haven't changed anything else, I'm not eating differently, I'm not doing additional work outs on my nonrunning days, nothing.  I have seen results from just running though, believe it or not.  Here I am after 9 weeks of running.

Progress?  Sure, I totally see and feel the difference BUT it can be taken up a notch {or 5}.  My butt feels higher/firmer and my belly doesn't seem to be as jiggly {contrary to what you see in the pictures}. So that's what this year is all about.  Last year was about losing it and I did just that so this year is going to be about toning it up.
I had originally set my goal at 130 but when I got to about 135 I was happy, I felt good, and so I adjusted my goal a bit.  After the holidays and being a little loosey goosey with the calories I have managed to gain a few of those pounds back and I need to get those back down and then some.  I don't necessarily care about the number on the scale as much as I do the image in the mirror.  Sometimes I swear I have the reverse body image problem that anorexics have.  I will be all, "go head girl, you got the skinnies" when I'm dressed and then I lift up my shirt to show my belly button obsessed child my belly button and I'm all, "dang girl, what up, that isn't even suitable for a 1 year old to see".  Ultra sads.
I think my new goal is going to be to feel comfortable in a belly baring two piece this summer.  Last summer I felt pretty good in a tankini but swore I'd never wear a real two piece again.  Well, never say never.  This summer I will wear a two piece and I will be that mom that everyone says, "I can't believe she has a kid!", I will be hot.
So Firm Fridays is where it's at.  I'll be accountable again and that will help!  Time to kick this Get Fit stuff up a notch!  Are you joining in?