January 13, 2009

South Beach Diet Update!

So SB is working great for me, as I knew it would. The combination of Core Secrets and cardio on top of dieting is proving to do the trick! Today I am down 5 lbs! I'm so excited and well on my way to my goal of 20 lbs. My daily food intake looks something like this:
Eggs for breakfast (scrambled, omlet, over easy) with turkey sausage or bacon
Mid afternoon snack is plain fat free yogurt w/Splenda

Lunch is always salad w/sharp cheddar shredded cheese, string cheese, sugar-free Jell-o w/Cool Whip

My afternoon snack is some sort of sugar-free candy to give into my sweet tooth

And dinner is usually chicken and a vegetable...I hate vegetables! Future Mr's dinner is the one with the rice, doesn't it look so much more complete, LOL!

Sometimes (actually every night) I have either a sugar-free popsicle and/or a sugar-free fudgepop and I'm satisfied! Now I have until March 14th to get the other 15 off! Wish me luck!


  1. Shannon, you are doing awesome!!! Keep up the good work sweetie! :)

  2. haha, that looks exactly like what I eat Shannon! I'm so happy the SBD is working well for you! Are you gonna start phase 2 soon??

  3. I am doing phase 1 for a little while longer. I'm not having that hard of a time with it so I figure why not.