May 21, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 28

Well, well, well. This week has been…interesting. By interesting I mean I have been a roller coaster of emotions and it’s not been fun. Let’s see…I have an ear infection which makes my normally BAD hearing very sensitive. I’m not sure if this is what “normal” hearing is like but if it is I don’t want any part of it. Then, on top of having a megaphone for an ear, my balance is a little off, so you can imagine. If I didn’t waddle before I do now. We have been dealing with a lot of drama with the house which has turned me into a total mess. I feel like I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown almost every day, I blame it on the pregnancy hormones. I was thisclose to having a glass of wine at my besties bridal shower last week, but I refrained.
Third trimester is literally kicking my butt! I think I’m more tired now than in the first! All I want to do is sleep! Seriously I go into the bathroom at work and put my head down on the toilet paper dispenser and take a cat nap. Judge away, desperate times call for desperate measures! If the weather would clear up I’d gladly sleep in my car on lunch but it’s been so rainy {I thought it was April showers?}.
Miss Kendall is very active these days; I feel her almost constantly and now so does the Mr. She used to stop moving whenever he’d put his hand on my belly but now she just keeps wiggling, makes him VERY happy. He had his head on my belly talking to her last night and she kicked/punched his head! Silly girl! I can tell when she’s stretching/rolling and when she’s kicking/punching. I love the stretches the kicks are just hilarious, my whole tummy shifts! I think her favorite food is eggs. Seems every time I have an egg sandwich/breakfast sandwich she’s super active. I must remember this when I go for the next 3D ultrasound. They said you can see their reaction to foods they like, HOW COOL IS THAT?!
My belly button is going to pop any day now, I just know it. It’s starting to get flatter and when I laugh really hard it pops in and out…is that TMI? Sorry. I’ve noticed my first stretch mark…ekks! It’s on my side/hip which is where I’m prone to get them anyway, hey I’ll take that over my tummy any day! My feet and back are still achy but that just comes with the territory.
My nesting has kicked in, too bad I don’t have a house to nest in. I am so anxious to get her room all put together. Bedding? Check! Furniture? Check! Paint? Check. Wall d├ęcor? Check! Room? Uhhh…Not so much. UGH! I’m ready to wash those teenie tiny little clothes and hang them in her closet! Who knew I’d be so anxious to do laundry?
Oh and my appetite has GROWN lately. I mean I ate {almost} an entire frozen pizza last night, BY MYSELF! And then I had 5 Oreos and a glass of milk after that. I am a food dumpster! I blame it on KP going through a growth spurt, hey it could happen. I have {as of 2 weeks ago} gained 23 pounds, gee wonder why?! Could it be all the cookies and ice cream? NAH it’s all baby weight, right? RIGHT!
KP and I at 28 weeks…thought you might want a full body shot this week…

oh and check out my collage I've been keeping!


  1. I think it's hilarious that your belly button goes in and out! Mine never popped, which shocked me because I got REALLY huge. I still can't see your pictures though. Boo.

  2. Yum oreos and ice cream. :) And I think it's cute your belly button goes in and out when you laugh. I can't see your pictures though. :(

  3. Aw, I can't see the pictures, but it's crazy how fast time has gone by, and you're already in the third trimester! Whoa.

  4. Ok- so just lety yourself GO and get fat fat fat. I swaer it makes the mood swings go away and improves your general disposition. I gained 95 pounds my first pregnancy and 65 pounds my second. I miss being's the only time I eat iced cream!!

  5. sorry about my spelling. It is way too late for spell check! LOL

  6. Again, can't see your pics :(

  7. I can't see the pictures, but it seems like time has gone by so quickly! I've been following your blog for a while, and I remember when you announced that you were pregnant! Those oreos sound yummy!