March 19, 2009

I love love

Ok everyone has a "list" of qualities/requirements they hope to find in a significant others. I have heard time and time again that you should never have such a list b/c you will never find a person who meets all of those standards...enter Future Mr. Future Mr fits my personal requirements to a tee, leaving nothing out.

I hear that girls look up to their dads and look for their father's qualities in their mate, this is definitley true of me. My dad is not only an amazing father but a wonderful man. Future Mr reminds me of him so much in the way that he isn't afraid to take on anything, he's a true man's man and wants to be the provider, he can (or at least tries) fix anything from a broken car to a broken heart.

I always loved guys who were a little tough but in a demure way. Future Mr is tough, he is strong, but he is not mean or a bully. He will stick up for his friends or get in a fight with a guy who tries to put the moves on me but he is never this about him.

I have always had a thing for musicians. Loved John Mayer's song 'You're Body is a Wonderland', my favorite line is "never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it", I always thought it would be so romantic to have a song, or even a lyric, written about you...*butterflies*. On our first "trip" together Future Mr took us to a cabin in Beaver, OH, the first night there he played the guitar and sang me a song that he had written about us and I thought "this is it, this is my 'You're Body is a Wonderland'!" I was smitten needless to say.

I want a man that can shop, not necessarily likes to or wants to but will b/c I love it. Future Mr isn't really into fashion or shopping but he has no problem wandering about Easton with me just b/c it's a beautiful day and we have nothing better to do.

I have amazing friends and needed someone who was going to love them just as much as I do. Future Mr could not fit in more perfectly with my circle of friends, guys and girls alike. Although he may not agree with all of them, he still loves hanging out with them and that means the world to me. I remember the first time I introduced him to the BFF she said "He reminds me of someone" and I said "REALLY? Who?" and she said "YOU!", loved that. I love that he can hang out with my friends' husbands/boyfriends when we aren't around and still feel totally comfortable. I guess they better get used to it b/c none of them are going anywhere as far as we ladies are concerned.

Along with my friends, my family is second to none. I have put them through a lot in my short life but no matter what they always have my best interest at heart and love me unconditionally. It took me a little while to realize that but at the end of the day family is what matters the most. Future Mr and I have similar pasts with our families and now understand the importance of them more than ever. I love that he gets along with his mom so well and he is so sweet with her in the way that he always looks out for her all the time. He's also any father's dream; he is an athelete, a hunter, and worker. He is going to make his dad very proud one day. Not only does he have an amazing bond with his family but he truly loves mine, and vice versa. I remember the first time I brought him to my parents' my mom's first words were "OMG, dude! He's so cute!" LOL! My dad, a normally very quiet guy, does not shut up around him. They talk for hours, about who knows what. I love the Dews, I truly feel like they are already my family and they have welcomed me with open arms. I hope to do them proud when I become one of them on October 3rd.

As I said earlier, Future Mr is a worker. This is such an important characteristic and one that Future Mr takes a lot of pride in. Never in my life have I seen someone who is BEYOND exicited to put in 50+ hours at work. Even now that he is doing physical work (sometimes outside in the cold) he never complains. I love this quality of his b/c it shows he has dedication and this goes beyond the workplace.

I have never been at a place in my life where I felt like I could truly trust someone, and trust is #1 on my list. Future Mr has my complete 100% trust, without a shadow of a doubt. I trust him with my heart, my dog, my car, my life. I know that he will never do wrong by me and that is the biggest relief. I know when he says he's going somewhere or doing something that he's doing just that, unless he's trying to throw me off b/c he's planning a surprise. Which leads me to my next quality...

I LOVE surprises! Seriously surprises are one of my favorite things and I hate myself b/c I am such a thinker that I usually figure them out and ruin it. Future Mr is awesome at surprising me. For example, last night I went running and I made mention of needing a pedometer so I could register how far I was running. Future Mr came home from golf and had a pedometer with him, made my night! It's just little silly things like that that melt my heart.

I'm sure the list goes on, and believe me if it does he will continue to fulfill the requirements. For now I leave you with some pictures of my love, my heart, my world.