April 17, 2009

Look At This

DO YOU SEE THIS WEEKEND WE ARE ABOUT TO HAVE!? Needless to say I am beyond excited about the warm weather! Finally I can break out some of my new cute spring clothes! Hallelujah! This weekend will be a busy one for Future Mr and I.
Tonight we might check out a local band at the bar across the street, have some drink, sit on the patio, sounds like heaven. Saturday is Earth Day and we are volunteering with MOH/BFF and her soon to be Mr. We will be planting containers for the MRDD Early Childhood Education and Family Center from 10-12, it will feel so good to give back. Then Future Mr and MOH/BFF's soon to be Mr will be heading out for a day of golf (Future Mr could not be happier about this). MOH/BFF and I will be doing what we do best, SHOPPING! Once we meet up with the boys we will be heading downtown to celebrate MOH/BFF's bday at Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar (CANNOT WAIT)! Sunday is MOH/BFF's real bday and we are going to our first baseball game at the new stadium in town. It looks unbelievable and I really think it's going to do our little city a lot of good! All in all sounds like the best weekend I've had in a while!

Keep posted for a recap!

Chin! Chin! (I watch too much reality TV)

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