May 20, 2009

While I Can...

I am going to absorb EVERY wedding related show I can right now, while I'm still a bride and it's acceptable! LOL. Now that Future Mr is working nights I have nothing better to do than work out and watch lovey dovey (sort of) get engaged/married/newlywed show on TV. Can I just say that I love how ABC is calling Monday nights Marry Me Monday!
The Bachelorette

OK so I am not normally a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan but I figure why not? I haven't watched since Trista and Ryan got married. I must say I think I'm hooked after just one 2 hour episode! I think Jillian seems like a really fun girl, outgoing, and willing to put her heart out there in hopes of finding Mr. Right- all for the sake of my entertainment. The first episode was pretty uneventful, Jillian meets all of her suitors while they try to make the best first impression (or so they think). She has 25 potentials and each one of them is trying to get their quality time in with her before she has to choose just 20 of them. BUT WAIT! THERE'S A comes 5 more! So now she has 30 and can only keep 20...exhilarating.
Now the men...there's the creepy foot fetish guy- Tanner. OMG seriously fine if you have a foot fetish but must you pull that out on the first "date" and for all America to hear/see? I think not. I cannot believe she picked him. Kiptyn has a great name and is such a cutie. Mike the break dancer cracks me up and I think would be so fun to be around, husband material? not so sure. David is from OH so I feel like I should like him but his bug eyes and lack of words upon first meeting Jillian were such a turn off for me. Brad seemed like such a tool, did anyone else notice the glares he was giving to the other men as she was handing out the roses? Wes, oh Wes, he melts my heart. I am a sucker for a guitar playing man. He's my pick for now. The season looks like it's going to be a roller coaster for sure- 3 MEN HAVE GIRLFRIENDS?! WTF? Can't wait!
Here Come The Newlyweds

This show premiers next Monday and I CANNOT wait! I have watched a couple free episodes/previews and it looks like it will be a hoot! Couples will compete in a series of newlywed related challenges to win a cash prize. The couples look hilarious. If you want to preview too go here.
Real Housewives of New Jersey

I know I shouldn't consider this show on my rooster for newlywed bliss but it's about housewives and so it belongs. WOW these ladies are something else! I thought OC and NYC were amusing, these ladies just might take the cake. Jacqueline seems to be the only one that seems "normal". She at least has a heart and be honest. She's my favorite. Teresa is by far the most entertaining. "I'm not a stage mom", are you kidding me? You tell your girls to pose "fabulosity" and tell your little girl she needs sparkles on her lips even though she told you no lip gloss. She's such a diva. I love it! Danielle is going to cause the most drama this season. Why on earth would you want to go on a girls night w/girls that 1. don't like you and 2. didn't invite you? Seems desperate to me. Oh and not to mention she talks just like Ty (Brittany Murphy) from Clueless, annoying much? I think so. Dina is expression-less. I honestly don't think she ever cracks a smile, EVER. I think I like her though. She seems to keep it real and tell it like it is and I like that. Caroline belongs on the Sopranos, period. She's such a mafia mom and I like her. Her son, the one that wants to be a lawyer, not the one that wants to own a strip club, is such a cutie pie! Her daughter- get over yourself. You have been out of school for 2 years and have accomplished nothing! Get a job! Needless to say I'm addicted to this show after I swore I would not be. Reality show whore? I think so.
Say Yes to the Dress
I don't care if it's a rerun or new, I watch them all with the same enthusiasm. I love to see how much these girls spend on their dresses and what they chose. Some don't find anything at all, seriously? in Kleinfeld's you couldn't find a dress? Then it probably doesn't exist. Probably the most memorable episode for me was the girl that wanted the custom dress with a see-thru bodice (insert *shocking* eyes here)! $28K later it was not EXACTLY what she wanted and so back to square one. WOW, talk about Bridezilla.
Desperate Housewives

America's most dramatic street, Wisteria Lane. The season finale aired this past Sunday and boy was it a cliffhanger! Just as Mike and Catherine are about to leave for their Vegas wedding Mike catches a glimpse of the video where Crazy Dave confesses to killing Mike's son, MJ. Mike rushes back to save the day and long story short, MJ is ok and Mike and Susan end up in a lip lock. Cut to 3 months later, Mike is standing at the alter with a veiled bride, who is it?! OMG I want to know so bad and hope *fingers crossed* that it is Susan! What do you think? Lynette and Tom find out they will be having ANOTHER set of twins! Can't believe it, love it! They are my favorit DH couple! Bree ends up having an affair with her attorney/Susan's ex, Karl. Can't wait to see how this pans out, or how Susan will react. I was certain this season was going to suck when I saw they fast-forwarded 5 years but boy was I wrong, I love it just as much as ever!

While I am completely aware that I watch WAY too much TV, I just can't get enough. I realize that most of these shows are completely far fetched (especially Desperate Housewives) but you must admit they are entertaining. I'm only going to be a bride for 4 more months so I'm soaking up all the bride-y junk I can. Ok most of these I'll probably continue to watch long after the wedding ;-)


  1. Love it! I am watching pretty much all of those shows too! :)

  2. here come the newleyweds is a great show!

    i loved planning my wedding I bet your having a blast!