June 4, 2009

Date Night

OK so Future Mr and I have not been able to spend any time together recently due to his stupid night shift (I should be thankful he has a job) schedule. So tomorrow he is off and we will finally get 3 days together! I need some date night ideas. We are trying to live on a budget right now so I need to be thrifty too! HELP a sista out!


  1. We have a local baseball team (one step down from the bigs) & it's always fun to go, set up a blanket on the "Berm" (the grass behind outfield), and watch a great game. Although we're not allowed to bring in our own food & drinks, prices at the minor-league ball park are a lot better : - )

  2. I have opposite schedules as my husband so I understand your excitement!

    Is there a local concert series or park event where you could pack a picnic and enjoy it? I would do something like that or even find a local restaurant with a great 2-for-1 coupon or early bird special for a dinner out.

  3. You should go to the Columbus baseball game! Tickets are super cheap and the weather is supposed to be beautiful :)))

  4. I would love to go to a baseball game, but the Clipper's are away this week :-(

  5. Hey! We are having a date night tonight! Our first one in over 5 months! :) Our little one keeps us busy and we have no family here!

    I don't know, I am kind of a sucker for lights off, candles lit, a pizza and a few movies...that sounds like heaven to me! See how boring I am?

    We sometimes will cook something we have never cooked before (but we both like to cook) and try it out. In the end just being together is what matters most! Enjoy!!