June 8, 2009

The Great Shoe Debate

Well after much contemplation, I decided against the purple shoe. I didn't think it looked right w/my dress and my mom absolutely HATED the idea. Instead I found these babies for $30 at David's Bridal yesterday! I LOVE them and they are a perfect match for my vintage-y chic dress. I can't wait to wear them and the best part is they are comfortable!!!

Oh and I got my undergarments too. Please tell me why it's $85 for a plain white, no detail whatsoever, strapless, longline bra!? If my size weren't so difficult to fit I would have told them to shove it but I'm at their mercy so I took it.

Up next...placecard holders...stay tuned.


  1. those shoes are so classic! love them!

  2. Oh I tried those on too! Lovely!

  3. My mom hated the colored shoe idea too. Yours are great and classic!

  4. They are beautiful, Shan! I didn't look at the shoes at DB because I thought they'd be super expensive. Great deal!

  5. Agree with Tara, these shoes = classic. I think you'll be pleased with the decision at the end of the day : - )

    I had a dream of wearing Dorothy's ruby red slippers on my wedding day (due to a lifetime fascination with The Wizard of OZ) however, I couldn't find anything just right, so I went with classic white as well - LOVE them!!!

    p.s. I tagged you on my blog this afternoon : - ) Enjoy!