September 7, 2009

House Hunters Part II

Well the house we saw this weekend wasn't all we had hoped for, the neighborhood more than anything. It was in a nice location but the neighborhood itself didn't sit well with us. It's that kind of neighborhood that is fine right now but you could see it going downhill in a few short years. Plus, we didn't know this, it was a foreclosure. So it didn't look as nice in person as it did in the pictures. The carpet was pretty much trashed in the upstairs, looks like the owners had a dog that dug at the doors. Also the yard looked MUCH bigger online than it did in person. There also wasn't much living space, tons of bedrooms but a tiny living room. SO...on to the next!
We are looking at this place on Wednesday. It's a ranch style home, which Future Mr LOVES. It has 3 bedrooms 1.5 bath, a BIG deck, decent sized yard, shed for Future Mr, a MUD ROOM so when he comes home he won't be bringing all his dirt with him, and it was completely renovated this year with all new appliances, wood floors, new water heater, roof, furnace and electrical panel. This place seriously looks promising to us and we've already done a Google Map on the location so we know the area is good. I really hope this one goes good b/c based on pictures and description, I AM IN LOVE!

Kitchen with all new stainless steel appliances and solid hardwood floors
BIG ole deck!

Cute lil front porch!
Front view. New roof, nice landscaping, and custom made shutters
Living space into the hall

More kitchen, love the colors!
Basement that Future Mr is in love with, men and their basements!
Hello, organization. Love.
Baths have been completely renovated, new tile, plumbing, tub, vanity, etc.

Shed for all our gardening supplies
This might be my favorite, the mud room
other side of the basement
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing that we are so in love with this place. I really can't wait to go see it in person Wednesday. I hope it's everything we think it will be. It really has the qualities that both of us are looking for, basement, fenced in yard, deck, hardwood, good schools, I really don't think we will find anything else that seems to fit us so well. Wish us luck!


  1. I'm sorry the first house didn't work out but honestly I think this house looks 100 times better!!!!!! I love those wood floors!

  2. I love this house! Especially the kitchen. Keep us posted! :-)

    p.s. we won't be neighbors. I am in the Dublin/UA area.

  3. I love it! I hope you guys like it as much in person! GOOD LUCK girlie!!

  4. this house looks amazing! GOOD LUCK!! Keep us posted!

  5. OMG! I love this house! Curb appeal, updated inside.. nice little yard. MUD ROOM!! I love it! Good luck!!!

  6. Good luck house hunting! This home is really nice. I know what you mean about looking at it online and then seeing it in person and it looks awful. That happen to us many times. Can't wait to hear how you like this one!

  7. Oh, girl, good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for ya. This place is so sweet, LOVE it!! :)

  8. from the pics it looks perfect! hope you love it on wed.!!

  9. Definitely wishing you luck! That deck is huge!! Yeah!

  10. eeeeh! keep me updated! love all the pics. looks great.

    25 Oh.My.Gawd.