September 9, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays

Well I can't believe it's only 24 short days away!!! I really don't have a lot going on this week. Still have the same things to order as I did last week, slacker? Maybe.
Since this week is pretty boring I thought I'd showcase some wedding things I'm most excited about.
Favorite/most creative gift thus far is this ADORABLE plate that my BM, A, got for my last shower. Seriously almost peed my pants when I opened this. It's got a little stand and sits right in our entry way for all to see

How cute is that?

B pix. I cannot wait to give these to Future Mr. He is going to be blown away. It's totally not like me and I hope he's not even suspecting such a thing!

Grooms cake. Future Mr also has NO IDEA that he's getting a Yoda grooms cake. He's a complete and total Star Wars FREAK and this is going to be a big surprise. Also I got it in a special flavor :-)

Brothers! I have been an only child my whole life, LOL, and after Oct 3rd I'll finally be a sister! I can't wait to have brothers! They are so precious and call me their sister already.

Rehearsal dinner dress. Thanks to my love Hailey for contacting me when her dress didn't work out. She so sweetly sent it to me to try and I loved it!

Bridesmaid gifts. I can't show pics of what I've gotten them b/c they read this but they are going to love everything. I can't wait till our sleepover to give them all their goodies!!!

But above all of this, I am most excited about becoming Mrs. I Dew. I love this man with more that I ever thought possible, more than I ever thought I had in me. I can't believe in just 24 short days I will be his wife. I would have never pictured this for my life and it's better than a dream, it's my reality.


  1. I am in LOVE with that dress. Your bridesmaids will love their gifts. That plate is so adorable.

  2. that plate is simply adorable! And who did your b-pics? That background looks pretty familiar :)

  3. Love the groom's cake!

  4. YAY... only 24 more days congrats! It is going to fly by.

    Great post! =)

  5. yay!! Everything is close!! I cannot wait to see pics from everything. Love the grooms cake idea.. do a lot of people do that? Jared would love that, when that day comes... xxxoo

  6. OMG how HOT are you in that dress!?!?! it was sooooo meant for you :)

  7. that plate is SO presh! also, i would love to hear more about the pics you are taking! not that i have anyone to take them for, but its something ive always wanted to do.

  8. the plate is adorable!! i love it!
    the pic, how sexy girly! your future hubby is going to love them!! how fun!
    the cake - too funny!
    you are just full of surprises for him ;)
    that is so sweet that your future bros already call you sis!
    you are so cute and sound so happy, i'm happy for you hun! :)

    p.s. blog makeover, so cute!

  9. Wow! Your wedding will be here before you know it! Your b pic looks so pretty. He will love them!!

  10. Seriously, I love everything about this post!!!!!! :) :)

  11. The plate that your BM's got you is adorable! Future Mr. will love the B pix and Groom's cake. I surprised hubby with a Groom's cake too and he was so excited.

    I love the dress that Hailey sent you. It looks great on you!

    You're getting so close! I'm very happy for you.

  12. The plate is friggin' adorable!! Where in the world did she have it made?

    Love, love, love the dress on you!! <3

  13. So many things to look forward to! Love that dress :)

  14. oooo look at you pretty girl! what a fab picture! LOVE that dress for your rehearsal dinner! I found it for hailey and was sad it didnt work out, but super happy someone gets to wear the fabulous thing!

  15. I'm doing B pics for my hubby for our 1 year anniversary. I know he will love it, you have to share some tips with me. I'm so nervous and can't decide what to do/wear all that good stuff ;)

    Oh, and I tagged you in my latest post, check it out (=

  16. I did B-pics for a wedding gift for my hubs and he LOVED them! Great gift idea!

  17. Thank you Tara for finding the cute dress!!!

    Anna, I had Maria(IQ Foto) do my pics :-). Love her!