October 23, 2009

Halloween Ideas

So I still don't know if we are doing anything for Halloween but our costume conversation went something like this...

Me: Babe, what do you want to dress up as this year? I REALLY want to go to a costume party b/c I haven't been to one in FOREVER!

Mr. Husband: OH I don't know...(this is definitely not his thing)

Me: (being the lovely wife I am suggest a Star Wars theme b/c he is beyond OBSESSED) What about Princess Leia and Han Solo?

Mr. Husband: what about a storm trooper and Chewbacca?

Me: BABE! You want me to be Chewbacca?!

Mr. Husband: Yeah it would be so funny!!!

He was serious. I die. Can you see me in this big furry outfit?

Yeah. NO! Don't think so. Think of another idea babe. Sorry.


  1. LMAO, That outfit would be hot! (I don't mean look wise, I mean temp wise.) LOL Def. no go. Princess Leia is way more up your alley.

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was so funny!

  3. At least he was open to the idea right? Totally kidding! Good luck! ;)

  4. We don't have any Halloween plans either. ::sigh:: except pass out candy on Thursday night. I'd invite you guys over for a Halloween party but it'd probably just be the four of us in weird outfits and that'd be awkward. hahah

  5. HILARIOUS! Good luck picking out a costume that you'll both love!

  6. hahahahaha!! this is hilarious!! that is kind of how the conversations in our house sound, only he had the idea in his head that we should be "swiss" mountain people?? why?? i don't know? haha!

  7. Hahahahah! Awesome. This went kinda like my convo with Eric when he wanted to be the guy from Caddyshack and told me I could be the gopher. Um.. For real. haha!

  8. Wow lol. I just figured out mine though so you're not too far behind.

  9. ha thats sumthin mine would say too.. i feel your pain!