October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for:
  • Birth control. This is my first month off of it and I am realizing how amazing it was for keeping me from experiencing cramps and PMS.
  • Pumpkin pie blizzards. As previously mentioned, I am PMSing BAD and these solve many problems!
  • Desperate Housewives. LOVE this show and no matter how hard Mr. Husband tries to resist it, he always gets SUCKED in when I turn it on.
  • Birthdays. Mr. Husbands birthday is coming up, my cousins birthday is Friday and these two adorable tots just turned 1 yesterday!!!!
Mr. Conner
Miss Finley
  • Date Nights. Mr. Husband and I have been having date night every Friday since the wedding and there's nothing I look forward to more!
  • Halloween costumes. I just LOVE seeing what people come up with each year. My fav is watching Regis & Kelly every year! LOVE them!
  • Wine. I know I use this one often but there's just something about coming home to a glass that just relaxes me like nothing else.


  1. OMG Finley's ponytail is the cutest thing!!!
    Also, I'm dreading the day I go off the pill. Before I took it, I used to have horrible cramps that would cause me to throw up. Ughhh I'm in pain just thinking about it! You must be TTC soon? Good luck!

  2. omg, the name (and the girl) finley are so cute!!!!! pumpkin pie blizzards and wine are def. something to be thankful for!

  3. Date Nights are a fabulous idea! Since hubby works a lot on the weekends, we try to do date nights once a month!

  4. Pumpkin Pie Blizzards are AWESOME!!!!!!

  5. I love seeing what Regis and Kelly come up with!

  6. My fiancé secretly loves Desperate Housewives. He is the one that reminds me every Sunday that it is coming on.