November 11, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays

The Cake.
I was in love with our cake. I really had no idea how it was going to turn out because Mr. Husband and I both liked 2 different cakes so we were trying to combine the two. Here's what I liked...

and this was Mr. Husband's favorite

So they were similar but he wanted leaves and I wanted flowers. So thankfully our cake lady was able to combine the two into this beauty...

Wasn't it gorgeous? And I'm sure you all remember this post about the groom's cake. Well my baker was more nervous about this than our actual wedding cake and I don't know why...IT WAS AMAZING! I could NOT have asked for a better job. Mr. Husband LOVED it and all the guests thought it was SO COOL!

And how could I forget our gorgeous Kate Spade cake cutter and server?

When it came time to cake-cutting I realized we had NEVER talked about whether we were going to be nice, naughty, messy or clean. I took one look at Mr. Husband's face and KNEW it was going to be naughty and messy! BRING.IT.ON.

I used to always say there was NO WAY I was going to risk messing up my make-up but I would NOT trade our cake smashing for anything! It was perfect and the guests were all yelling "GET HIM!!!!" "SMASH IT!" and they loved every minute of it. The bad part is that was the ONLY cake I ate all night.


  1. great pics!!! my favorite are the cake faces! awesome touch!

  2. Your cake was SO pretty! We have 2 cake tastings scheduled for this weekend and I'm excited! Also, I really like your wedding hair - your should post more detailed pics of that :)

  3. Oh I love the cake that you wanted! It's so pretty! I think your cake lady did a fabulous job of combining the two though. Very nice!

  4. Love the cakes! The yoda cake is hilarious!! That one is right up there with my hubs gene simmons haha!

  5. Awesome! What a gorgeous cake! And the other one is so fun! haha! Ya'll are so adorable.. I love your taste in all the things you chose for you wedding-classy AND fun at the same time! (and I could so go for some cake right now.. haha). :)

  6. Love it, turned out amazing!!!!!!! :)

  7. Beautiful cake! I am not sure if I will let L smash cake in my face only because I hate cake. I realize I have to eat a piece for the pics, but the cake on the face might set me over the edge.

  8. I really love these wedding wednesdays... i think I may need to jump on the band wagon! :) I love the cakes, and the cake in the face is so funny, and i am sure the pictures were worth it! I love the grooms cake! That turned out fabulous!