November 17, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays

Hair and Makeup.

I have had several readers saying they wanted more shots of hair and makeup so here goes.

My inspiration for the hair was Jessica Simpson's in her wedding to Nick Lachey. I absolutely LOVED her hair from the moment I saw it and KNEW it was just what I wanted when I got married. Flash forward to 2009 I was torn because my hair doesn't hold up well and Ohio weather is so sketchy I didn't know if it would rain or not. So I went back and forth, back and forth, up, down, half up, half down...decisions decisions. I finally said TO HELL WITH IT and went with what I always LOVED, Jessica.

So I went with it and while my hair wasn't AS LONG and I have bangs, I think we accomplished everything I was going for. I wanted soft, romantic, simple, and elegant.

As for my makeup, I knew as soon as I saw Bride Wars and saw Kate Hudson's wedding makeup that it was PERFECT for me! It was a little bit smokey but in shades of purple- PERFECTION for two reasons: 1. I look good in purple shadows b/c I have brown eyes and 2. Purple was the wedding color!
My inspiration

Sorry I couldn't find a better pic.

But here is mine.

Like I always say, I LOVED everything and wouldn't have had it done any other way!


  1. GORGEOUS!! Your hair looked amazing!

  2. Your hair looks amazing!!!! xxxooo

  3. I loved Jessica Simpson's wedding hair! I think you did a great job re-creating it!!!

  4. Your hair and make-up looked great. I love them both!

  5. you are just too cute! what a precious little bride you were :)

  6. Beautiful! I too loved Kate Hudson's makeup in Bride Wars- you were a stunning bride!

  7. i thnk your hair was fan-freaking-tastic!!! love it :)