November 25, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays

Is anyone getting tired of wedding posts yet? Well I'm not so for now they will keep coming each week!
Today we will feature the female part of the bridal party. My girls were the greatest, from planning the bachelorette to helping me get dressed they really thought of everything! I love each and everyone of them and was so proud to have them stand up there with me on my special day.
I've already received lots of compliments on their dresses, they are from David's Bridal and the color is Lapis. As you can tell each of my girls has a very different shape and I knew that there was NO possible way they would all look good in the same dress. I let them each pick there own style as long as it was in that color and floor length. I was so happy that they were all comfortable and happy in their dresses. I think each one of them picked a style that really flattered them and I strongly suggest every bride do the same!

Girls getting ready

Me and my ladies

KG and me

cousin NH and me

AS and me

KB and me (known each other since we were 5)

cousin HC and me

and now my faves of all of us

Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for next weeks WW post where we will feature the BOYS!


  1. I never get tired of your wedding posts! Your pictures are so beautiful - what an fab photographer! Love the girls dresses (mine did the same route - david's bridal, picked own styles) and they all look great together!
    I love the color lapis, if I hadn't done watermelon, I think would have done a purple color!

  2. Love it!!! Soooo beautiful!!!! :)

  3. Great pics!! Your cousin NH has the same bridesmaid dress as my girls had!=)

  4. I love your wedding posts, so keep doing them! The dress color is gorgeous! And I like all of their dress choices. I let my bridesmaids do the same thing. They had less choices because I wanted shorter dresses. It ended up that the MOH wore one dress and the 2 bridesmaids wore another that they both liked!

  5. Im sooo not tired of WW... haha since I am starting to plan mine, I love reading about others!! xxxoo

  6. Those are beautiful dresses and a beautiful color!

  7. Love your BM's dresses! Gorgeous!

  8. i love all of these pics. i wish that we had had more time after the ceremony to get pics like this in :( but what can ya do?

    i love that you had the girls pic out their own dresses. they were all gorgeous and i loved the color!