December 20, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Well I'm jumping on the favorite things bandwagon! 2009 has been a GREAT year for me, so looking towards 2010 is a little bittersweet for me. I became a wife this year which has made me the happiest person to walk this earth and hands down is my #1 favorite thing about 2009. Some other things that top my list are (in no particular order):

Old Navy Skinny Jeans:I am a curvy girl and always thought, "there is NO WAY my ghetto booty is squeezing into some skinny jeans!" Well reluctantly I ordered some from Old Navy, The Flirt, and they came and I'm sold! I guess you don't have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans!

sTORI Telling: I've never been a Tori Spelling fan but after all the good reviews I decided to give in and read her book. AMAZING! Who knew her life was anything like it was? I was thoroughly entertained from cover to cover. I need to get my hands on Mommywood now!

The Hangover: the FUNNIEST movie EVER. No exaggeration either. I have not met one person who didn't think the same thing! It's out on DVD now so if you live in a cave haven't seen it yet GO GET IT! I hope Santa got it for me for Christmas!

Favorite Comeback: Miss Britney Spears! Call her a bad mom, a whore, a crack head, crazy, whatever but you have to admit this girl had a comeback to end all comebacks this year! She got her boys, her body, and her hair (ok they're extentions) back and she couldn't be hotter! I missed you Brit Brit!

Favorite Red Carpet Look: This was hard b/c there were many fabulous dresses to appear on the Red Carpet this year. After much consideration I have to say Kate Beckinsale in Marchesa at the 2009 MET Costume Gala. This dress is everything a red carpet gown should be! Normally people show up to the MET Costume Gala looking like they are in a costume but Miss Beckinsale got it right.

Favorite Drink: blueberry vodka tonic with 2 limes courtesy of Miss Nicole. I am obsessed with these and have even got some others hooked. Such a great, light, summer drink.

Favorite CD: Since I already blogged about how AMAZING the new Michael Buble CD is, I thought I'd mention my OTHER favorite for this year, The Zac Brown Band- The Foundation. I am OBSESSED with this CD. Some songs are hilarious like Toes whereas others are very heartfelt like Jolene. I could listen to this over and over and never get sick of it.

Favorite Smell: Amazing Grace by Philosophy. This is perfect for day or night. It's such a clean smell and according to my mom this is MY SCENT! I love it and hope Santa brings me more of it too!

Favorite Website: (besides Blogger) Etsy. I have found so many cute things thanks to this site! I found my garter set, BM earrings & wine glasses, and my cute sDj necklace from Etsy. So cute and so creative, if you haven't checked it out do it NOW!

Well that's all for the favorites for now. What were some of your favorite things this year?


  1. I LOVE your list (well I havent tried Old Navy skinny jeans, the blueberry drink or the grace) but besides those I agree with ever single one! LOVE IT!

  2. Thank God someone posted about skinny jeans for girls with a bottom. I'm scared to buy a pair cuz I didnt think i would fit! lol

  3. Loved this!!!!

    I so want that CD, and I so am wanting to get a pair of skinny jeans!!!

  4. Good list, girlie! I, too, think the Hangover might be the most hilarious movie um.. ever. :) I wanna try out those skinny jeans at ON! and I kinda want to try this blueberry drink.. *eyebrow raised in interest*

  5. Loved this! So fun!! I agree with almost all of them! And now I need to try that blueberry vodka tonic!

  6. I want a good pair of skinny jeans so I will have to check Old Navy out!!

  7. Great list! You'll love Mommywood!!

  8. Agreed. Ya know, I'm not a britney fan, but her comeback was amazing!

  9. I love love love Tori's book!!! I have the sneaking suspicion that I got mommywood for Christmas, so I'll let you know how it goes!

  10. Great list!

    I need to try those skinnies because I haven't found others I really like!

    Cute blog!

  11. Some fits of Old Navy jeans can be surprisingly good. I might have to check those out. I’ve also heard nothing but good things about Tory Spelling’s book and this is definitely on my must read list. I got The Hangover on DVD for Geof’s stocking, but I secretly wanted it really bad too. I cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard in the theater.

    Your favorite drink sounds tasty and refreshing!

    Fun post :)

  12. Oh I will definitely have to try the Old Navy skinny jeans! I thought the same thing until I tried Banana Republic's, and I am sold too! Oh and I love your list- I think you covered all of my favorite things too! Have a great xmas love XOXO

  13. Ahh I love ZAC Brown. I need to DL the Michael Buble one and OMG YES YES On the Brti comeback my favorite thing of 2009 for sure!!! Great list!

  14. Hey! I was going to reply to your comment, but i cant. If you go to your dashboard, edit your profile, click on "show email address" and save that, I can! Thanks for your sweet compliment on the purple dress!!