December 30, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays

The Details.

I love that my photog took some amazing close-ups of some of my favorite things at the wedding. Things I'm sure I would forget as time goes on.
Like my accessories

Or the bottle of champagne and exactly 9 roses Mr. Husband left in our dressing room.

Or my invitations

Or our rings (and flask, BOYS!)

our adorable Just Married sign

how could I forget the cute shoes

the boys' boutonnières

or my DIY pomanders on the railings

the AMAZING bag piper (he was HUGE)

cork place card holders in action

the guestbook table in memory of Mr. Husband's grandma

and who could forget presents of course!

and I would have never seen this while my dad and I danced

obsessed with our Mr & Mrs champagne flutes

If this post leaves you with nothing else, know this, HIRE A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER! Mine was amazing and so easy to work with. She did our E pics and my B pics and I hope she'll do our family pics when Baby Butterbean Dew gets here!


  1. Baby Butterbean Dew.. how cute!

    Great pictures! =)

  2. Beautiful details!!! I just love all of it!

  3. Wonderful pictures!!!! I was just about to say, pretty soon your photographer be taking those baby pictures!!!!!! :)

  4. Your pictures are great, your photog captured some great moments. The picture of your Mom tearing up is so sweet!

  5. OMG, I LOVE the cork place card holders! SO CUTE!! Martini and Rossi’s Asti is my FAV champagne! Mr. Husband has good taste! I adore that coach clutch. I haven’t ever seen any like that before. Do regular Coach stores carry them? The boys boutonni√®res are cute! Where did you get Mr & Mrs champagne flutes? Those are SO CUTE! Overall, I basically love your wedding! haha

  6. I LOVE the shoes, champagne corks place cards and the champagne flutes!!! Everything though is gorgeous! That purple color is fabulous.

  7. WOW!! this is so sweet and touching. I love what you wrote about what you would have missed while you danced with your dad. So very sweet. I love the cork holders too! A very lovely wedding indeed. Congratulations!!

  8. I love the pictures of the details! So neat! My SIL had a bagpiper at her wedding. He played and lead the recessional from the church. It was so cool!

  9. That's great that your photography captures all the little, yet beautiful moments and things!

  10. Sole Matters, the clutch is from Coach last year though. It's probably in the outlets by now. Our flutes were Kate Spade and our cake cutter/server matched. They have them at Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond

  11. Beautiful photos! The details are something special to remember all of the little things that made your day unique. I love the Coach bag and your shoes. That is so sweet that Mr. Dew left roses and champers! We did the same kind of guestbook and loved it.

  12. love love all your pics! i rmember talking through all of these details with you :)

  13. gorgeous! LOVE that coach clutch girl