January 24, 2010

1 Weekend, 3 Movie Reviews

Well it's been raining ALL weekend here in the O-H so that leaves us with very little to do, as if there was so much to do here anyway. Friday night Mr. Husband and I debated between It's Complicated and Up In The Air. I really had no intentions of EVER seeing Up In The Air UNTIL everyone started raving about it and then it had to go and win all those awards last weekend, so now I MUST see it!
It deserves every award it won. It was very emotional and made you think without realizing it. George Clooney was great, handsome as always. Everyone thinks it's a chick flick but it sure does not end like a chick flick would, it ends like real life would. It made me think that even days that I think my job sucks, it could always be worse. Loved it and can't wait to watch it again. I think this is a must own.
And then there were two not so great ones.
First up, Paranormal Activity. OK this one had conflicting reviews going into it. My mom and her friend (fellow scary movie lovers) said it S.U.C.K.E.D. and I believe the words "worst movie ever" were uttered at one point. My friends on the other hand (scardy cats!) said it was "the best movie of the year" and "sooooo scary". I should have listened to my mom. I had to see it for myself though. Mr. Husband and I wanted full scary movie viewing so we turned off all the lights and watched in total darkness. Still wasn't scared. I've heard people think it's real, really then why is there an alternate ending? It's like the Blair Witch Project of 2009, it got scary RIGHT at the end. LAME!
And as if it doesn't get any worse, we watched Final Destination (the final destination). I LOVED the first Final Destination and will admit that as the series continued they got worse but this one takes the cake! The movie wasn't even an hour and 15 minutes long! Seriously it was over just as it started. The storyline was terrible and the characters are killed off one right after the other. No suspense, no unexpected deaths, no good. I can't believe we just wasted $2.99 on pay-per-view for this crap they call a movie.
Now Mr. Husband has Gamer on, I have a feeling Up In The Air is going to be the only good movie we see/saw this weekend. Oh well it was good enough to make up for the other two.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


  1. I'm really interested in seeing Up In the Air now. I might have to see it this week!

  2. I really want to see up in the air, thanks for the reviews! I could never see three movies in a weekend, casey is lucky is I will go to one lol

  3. we watched 'gamer' this weekend, it wasnt great but not bad since you get to look at gerard butler for two hours =) i want to see 'up in the air' now too

  4. ooo i want to see up in the air. I may just have to this weekend!

  5. Great reviews! I want to see UP in the Air!

  6. Hi! I am a new follower! I seriously have been busy all day at work ready all your posts. I love your wedding pics! I got married Oct. 2009 too! Congrats on the butterbean! I'm so jealous of all the babies being made by people who got married around the same time as me! But Hubby and I are going to start trying soon! Have you told your boss that you are pregnant? We have a ton in common and I look forward to keeping up with your blog!