March 23, 2010

Tummy Tuesdays- Week 20

OMG we are at the HALF WAY point people! 20 weeks down, 20 to go! I like to look at it as 5 months down only 4 to go, seems like it's a lot faster that way, don't you think?
Well this week we had a lot of fun happenings, we registered {for just about everything under the sun} AND I found out that my family bought all of Kendall's furniture! I almost cried! I can't wait till we get situated in the house and can get it all set up! Registering was SO much fun! I think it finally hit Mr. Husband that we are having a girl because he was getting nauseous at all the pink options out there. In fact we didn't register for THAT much pink because he "has to use it too" {whatever}. He even snuck in a boy washcloth set! Oh well, it's just washcloths. I cannot wait till we start getting things, I think I'm excited about every single thing we registered for!
Sleep has surprisingly gotten a little better. I'm not finding it difficult to sleep in any position but my side so that's helpful. I still wake up numerous times to pee, but that's beside the point.
I've been feeling Miss KP move a lot more lately, still waiting for Mr. Husband to feel her too. I put his hand on my tummy almost EVERY night hoping that he'll feel SOMETHING but so far it's a no go.
Last week I realized that my heels may be put away sooner than I thought {BIG sad face}. I wore a hott pair of red, patent, peep toes last week and let me tell you, my feet hurt for TWO DAYS after that. I almost cried. But as long as I don't get kankles I'll be happy.
I'm starting to get anxious about going on hospital tours and taking some classes. I have NO idea what classes to take! Lamaze? Do they still do that? I don't know! I just want to get everything in place already, hey I'm a planner, give me a break!
We get to see our girl again this week and this will be our big gender reveal visit, doctor doesn't know what it/she is ;-). I can't' wait to see her again and I pray they tell me she is still a she! Wouldn't that big a big slap in the face!?
We are less than two weeks away from moving and Kendall already has 3 boxes of clothes, shoes, toys, diapers, books, and blankets! Can you believe it?! Can you say SPOILED? Not my girl!
I'm SO happy that spring has finally sprung here in OH. I FINALLY get to wear some of my new spring clothes and flip flops and it feels GREAT! I swear there is a direct correlation between the weather and my mood. Now I can't wait to get dressed, put on makeup, curl my hair, and SMILE! I finally feel like I have the pregnancy glow and I couldn't be happier!
I realize this post has been all over the place but that's the pregnant brain taking over. Anywho, here we are at 20 weeks, 3 days!

And a front view for my grandma {how cute is it that she reads?!}


  1. You look so cute! I have a friend who is pregnant with her second daughter and all of a sudden around 24 weeks she just popped and you can really tell she's pregnant. So cute! :-)

  2. Your tummy is so cute! Sorry about putting away your heels! I'll wear some for you!

  3. You're belly is growing. So cute. You make me miss being pregnant.

  4. love the bump, lady!! i can't believe we're halfway! time is FLYING!!!! so much good luck with the move! (we're all set to move this weekend and it's just been an absolute whirlwind!) I can't wait to breathe and be settled! haha!

  5. Exciting! Registering for baby stuff is the best. I would suggest a breastfeedind class, if you're planning on breastfeeding.

  6. 20 more weeks to go, omg!! I love that front belly shot :) xxxooo

  7. You look too cute! Yay for half way!! :)

  8. Woohoo! You're at the halfway point, that's exciting!

  9. congrats on halfway! cute bump!

  10. HAPPY HALFWAY POINT! I love the front belly :)

  11. My mood corresponds with the weather too, which is not good for this upcoming weekend, but I'm excited for it anyway because I'm bowling Saturday and have Monday off! Woot!

    Happy half-way point! Wow, so exciting about the furniture. That's awesome!