April 10, 2010

Love Her Style

{Reese Witherspoon}
Is there a more gorgeous girl out there? I don't think so! Reese embodies everything I want to be. I love her classic, somewhat trendy {but never TOO trendy}, effortless style. She manages to make even a jean jacket look beautiful. If ever there were a movie about my life {HEY it COULD happen}, I would want Reese to play me.

Comfy casual, love her jeans
I love how effortless this outfit is, like she wanted to get dressed up but just to run errands
this outfit is SO me! Love it from head to toe
how cute does she make leggings look?
I HATE shorts but this is shorts gone RIGHT!
LOVE this color for her!
I am a sucker for jean jackets/shirts but it's always hard to wear b/c you don't want a "jean outfit" so white jeans with the jean shirt= perfection!
I love that she's classic here but throws in the fedora for a little funk
Reese with her mini-me! How cute!
This reminds me of my favorite outfit from Devil Wears Prada, LOVE the hat!
cute boots!
at first I didn't know about these shoes but I think she ROCKS them!
cute clutch!

I am OBSESSED with this bag!
Reese, when you're done with this bag can I have it?
how does she manage to make denim on denim look cute!?
Easter PERFECTION! I saved the best for last!


  1. Reese definitely has some a great style! Love it!

  2. love the new layout girl! i could totally see reese witherspoon playing you in a movie...I'm sure it'll happen:) i'll be first in line buying a ticket. she totally has great style!! red carpet or street..shes awesome!!

    hope all is well with you..i havent left a comment in awhile but im back:D

  3. Love her style! Great pics...

  4. Love her style!! Cute layout :-)

  5. She really does dress great! And she looks so good! You'd never guess she was in her 30s with 2 kids, I'd guess 24 or 25 if I didn't know who she was.

  6. She always has super good style! Did you get a new layout? It's cute!

  7. she ALWAYS gets it right! Love her.

  8. I love her style and I love the pictures. I wish that I was a) that skinny to pull it off and b) rich enough to dress that well :)

  9. she is the definition of classic chic! love her

  10. She is such a style inspiration for me too. I think the black turtleneck, jeans and ballet flats outfit speaks it all. I try to keep that simple, classic yet so chic look in mind whenever I get dressed! I love that she's a celebrity with such an accessible look. Thanks for posting the pics.

    P.S. Really like the new lay-out! It's so bright and seasonal.

  11. I love Reese! Thank you for posting these pictures, I am feeling totally inspired by her style!