April 6, 2010

Tummy Tuesdays- Week 22

Week 22, really? Isn’t it CrAzY? I mean didn’t I JUST post that I was pregnant? Time is FLYING by!

This week Kendall has been VERY active, I mean REALLY active! I was lying on the couch Friday morning and I swear if I would have lifted up my shirt you would have seen my whole belly move! It was the coolest thing ever; Mr. Husband would have surely felt that one! I love feeling our little wiggle worm!

Speaking of Mr. Husband he *thinks* he’s felt her move this week. I’m not so sure, sorry babe. He asked “does it feel like a vibration?”…umm…not really. She’s stubborn though, as soon as he puts his hand on my tummy she stops! Poor guy, I’m sure he’ll get a full kick soon!

Putting on shoes and shaving have become difficult tasks this week. I mean I know it’s going to get much WORSE but right now it’s uncomfortable. I asked Mr. Husband to tie my shoes for me but I’m NOT letting him shave my legs! Holy razor burn! I feel bad bending over to tie my shoes or shave my legs because I feel like I’m squishing her but they say she’s fine and protected.

Kendall had a VERY nice Easter! She got some ADORABLE newborn clothes and her very first bonnet! OMG it’s the CUTEST thing in the world! It’s so teeny tiny! I can’t wait to put it on her, praying she has a tiny head! She also got her very first peanut butter egg, which I will be devouring sooner rather than later!

Pregnant brain was in full gear this week too! I had the day off on Friday and did a whole load of laundry {washed and dried} before I realized I didn’t add any detergent to the washer! DUH! I also DEFINITELY forgot how old I was this week {26 or 27}. Mr. Husband just looked at me like “really? You’re really asking me how old you are.”

Mr. Husband has had his first sympathy symptoms. He has been CRAVING chicken wings for weeks now. For the past 3 weeks we’ve gone to his favorite wing place {Rooster’s for the curious ones}and I’m not complaining, they have AMAZING mac n’ cheese bites!

I realized that my dream of being one of the cute, pregnant, ladies in a belly-baring bikini this summer, is just that, a dream. I look in the mirror now with my underwear on and it’s not a pretty sight. While I have no stretch marks yet *knock on wood* I noticed some UNGODLY cellulite! It’s not pretty. If I do waddle my booty to a pool it will most likely be in a tankini…oh what a sight!

Oh I can almost see the end of my belly button, which can only mean one thing…it’s on its way out! OH Lord! I do not want to see that thing POP, talk about feeling like a turkey on Thanksgiving!!!

Here we are 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant


  1. Look at Miss Kendall grabbing all the gifts before she is even born!! Love it :)

  2. did you say mac and cheese bites, ummmmmm xxxooo

  3. Gosh time is flying! You look great!!

  4. Aww it took forever it seemed for my husband to feel my baby move. He will eventually though! :)

  5. you're looking great hun!! :)
    glad you had a wonderful easter weekend!! that peanut butter egg looks so yummy!!
    also, i wouldn't let my man shave my legs...haha!

    p.s. we have the same cup and soap dispenser in our main floor bathroom! ;)

  6. Wow! It does seem like time is going by fast! I can't believe you're already that far along!

  7. It feels like you just got prego yesterday! Holy crap!

    And you are still the cutest!

  8. The gifts for Kendall are super cute!!!! And LOVE the belly!!!! :)