April 13, 2010

Tummy Tuesdays- Week 23

Miss Kendall Paige is the size of a mango this week!!! I love the food references all the baby books use to measure their size! It’s hard to believe she started as a poppy seed and when all is said and done she’ll be a small pumpkin!

BIG news this week…MR. HUSBAND HAS FELT HER MOVE! It’s official. I knew all the other times just weren’t it because the look on his face this time was PRICELESS! He just lit up like a tree at Christmas. I think this whole thing is starting to become more real for him now.

I saw the doctor this week and he said everything looks PERFECT! Her ultrasound pictures were great and in the one he was even able to show me her upper lip! CRAZY! I *think* I’ve gained about 16 pounds at this point…scary! Next appointment is the glucose test and they already gave me “the drink” so I can start downing it at home. Not sure how I am feeling about that, I’ve heard mixed “reviews”.

I decided I need to start eating a bunch of small meals throughout the day instead of my 3 meals. When I eat a lot at once my belly feels like it’s stretched to the MAX and is quite possibly the most uncomfortable feeling in the world {I’m sure that’ll change once I experience child birth}. So from now on small meals spread out is the way to go for me I think.

I’m starting to get really excited to meet her. I keep wondering what she’ll look like. Who’s hair will she have {hopefully my color, his curls}? What color eyes will she have? Will she be a chubbette {hope so}? We think she already has Mr. Husband’s cute little button nose {YAY, he’s got the cutest nose EVER}! I just can’t wait to see her and hold her. Out of curiosity, I “made” this baby Kendall…

Hoping, praying, and wishing this ISN’T accurate.

I’m also getting really excited for hospital tours and classes. I have NO IDEA what class{es} to take. Mommies help me out here! What did you take? What would you recommend? What was worthless/a waste of time? I do know one thing for sure; mama is getting a prenatal massage sometime in the next 17 weeks!

SO glad that the weather is breaking here and is consistently nice now. I have been a S-L-A-C-K-E-R as far as working out is concerned, but now that its nice and warm I’m at least getting out to walk. Luckily I get two 15 minute breaks at work so I walk during both of them and I’m going to start walking for 30 minutes of my hour lunch too. That’s an hour of walking a day, that’s good enough for me!

Here we are at 23 weeks and 3 days


  1. Love your new layout!!! So cute! And I cannot believe that you're 23 weeks already. Time sure is flying!

  2. I tried that baby picture making thing once too and our baby was freaky! Yours isn't too bad. Mine seriously freaked me out! :)

  3. hey! You look great!

    Don't worry about the weight...it is what is is! And I am with you on the smaller meals throughout the day. I always found I was terribly uncomfortable when I ate a big meal-afterwards was horrible-a stuffed feeling.

    I also LOVED the moment my husband felt our little girl kick...his face I WILL NEVER forget! It was awesome.

    Don't let anyone scare you about the glucose test--its totally NOT that bad, drink it cold, cold, cold. Honestly, it was like a flat orange soda, and really sweet-but not "gag me" sweet. And, I have really strong gag-reflexes with this pregnancy, so you'll be fine, I'm sure.

    As for classes, we took a basic childbirthing class, it included a hospital tour, lots of tips, tricks, positions, relaxation techniques for labor, breathing exercises, coping through all the stages, etc--and that seemed good enough. If you are doing an all-natural childbirth (ie: no meds) I would recommend more then that. My SIL did all natural with her first (never again, ahha), and said she should have taken more classes--

    Anyway-sorry for the long post! Have a great day!

  4. I am more than possitive that your baby will be tons cuter than the make me babies one... although not bad!!! xxxooo

  5. That baby picture website is so funny! I will have to try it. You look great mama!!

  6. you look great hun! :)
    the little kiddo you "made" is really cute!!
    i hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

    p.s. new blog layout is so cute!

  7. I was so freaked out by that glucose test, for the same reason you posted - all the horror stories out there. I went in before I was scheduled to take it for something else and they were like, oh, you're already here, may as well do it now. Well, I freaked because of course I had just had a huge bowl of Cookie Crisp an hour before and was sure I would fail.

    It ended up tasting like Fruit Punch flavored Kool-Aid, and I passed, no sweat. Not bad at all to drink.

    As for the classes, all we did was the hospital tour and I was glad because I ended up getting a c-section. The breathing was intuitive for me - the doctor thought I had taken the class! I read a lot beforehand and just rolled with it.

  8. Don't try the "find out what your baby will look like" at Dave & Busters either! Our kids was seriously messed up! Sadly the 2 guys that went in before us got a really cute kid!

  9. Aw, yay! I'm glad he got to feel her kick! How exciting!

  10. Aw, could that tummy get any cuter??? :)