May 25, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 29

Well the 3rd trimester is officially kicking my bootay. I am so sleepy all the time, I can’t see my feet, my back and feet ache, going up and down the stairs is hard, tying my shoes is impossible, and I’m hungry all.the.time. I love every minute, honest. If that sounded like complaining I didn’t mean for it to. I have honestly had the BEST pregnancy anyone could ask for. *knock on wood*

This past Thursday we went on our first hospital tour. I have nothing to compare it to yet but it was NICE. The delivery room was HUGE, everything was BRAND NEW, the staff was super nice BUT the post-partum room was TINY. Like if we had my mom and dad, the ILs we’d be CRAMPED, and the parking situation was MISERABLE. So we have our second hospital tour on June 7th, this one will be a lot closer to home and I hear their post-partum rooms are HUGE. We’ll see.

I also scheduled our final 3D ultrasound for June 6th, VERY excited to see how different she looks this time around. Mr. Husband’s aunt and my grandma will be in town so they will be joining us as well.

I had to get my Rhogam shot this week too, in my bottom! LOL. I almost died when she said that. I was probably a baby the last time I got a shot in the butt! It was fine though, no big deal.

This week to do item- find a pediatrician! My doctor told me there were only a handful of them that he’d send his family too so I trust he’ll give me a good recommendation.

I think we officially have all the things we need for her room {bedding, furniture, paint, wall d├ęcor}, now we just need THE ROOM. I am SO excited to start putting it together, Mr. Husband said she’s going to have the coolest room EVER and people will be jealous, LOL love him!

I had my prenatal massage this weekend, it was…decent. Definitely had better in the past but I’m not complaining. I love getting anything and everything massaged so even though she ONLY did my back and feet, it was heaven for one solid hour.

And I must admit I eat terribly. I know this is supposed to be when I eat the BEST I’ve ever eaten, but I ate better before the wedding than I do now {don’t judge}. I mean if I want it, I eat it. Ice cream? You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Cookies? Everyday for lunch. Pasta? Yes please! I mean I know they say NOT to do this because it makes it harder after but I totally can’t help myself. Still no MAJOR cravings. If I do feel like “OH I MUST HAVE…” I just eat it and I’m done “craving” it. Today I really want frozen yogurt with fruit {hey fruit is healthy, right?!} so we are going to a new place tonight, hopefully it satisfies.

Kendall has been getting the hiccups quite frequently. I think she got them a while back but I didn’t know what they were but now I do {thanks to my cousin}. It literally feels like a heartbeat in my pelvis, so strange! Mr. Husband felt her last night and thought it was so neat, I mean it really is. Today she’s had them twice so far! Holy moley girl! Wonder what’s making her get them?

OK here we are 29 weeks and counting, see my almost outtie belly button?


  1. You think you're hungry now - oh my goodness, if you decide to breastfeed THEN you will know hunger. It was so sick - I would stop eating not because I got full but because I got tired of eating!!!

    You do what you have to do, even if it means filling the time you're not sleeping with pasta and cookies. It takes a LOT of energy to grow toes. :)

  2. I can't believe how close you are to having this baby!! :) And what kind of shot did you get? Maybe I'm in the dark, but I've never heard of that shot before.

  3. Your pregnancy is just flying! Crazy!!!

  4. Aw I love your baby belly I know you are going to have so much fun decorating the baby room ugh! I've always wanted to be a baby room designer I Love baby rooms they make me so happy..