July 30, 2010

Cribs with The Dews

Since we've moved I've gotten TONS of requests for house pics...sorry it's taken so long. I am so excited that you all want to see our house and I'm happy to share it with you! I hope you all love it as much as we do. Today was the perfect day b/c I'm home and nesting so without further ado...

Mr. Husband's bath in the master bedroom

Kendall's bugs and leaves bath, aka where I get ready

she's already got bath toys!
The entry way from the living room
and the entry from the front door
The sunroom, probably our favorite room but it's been SO HOT we haven't used it much

the outside
Living room, where we spend all our time
you'll notice we have ALL these built in shelves and NOT ENOUGH stuff to fill them! HELP!

so excited to have a mantel!
dining area

my grandma almost cried when she found out we had a window over the sink

spare bathroom
probably will be my FAVORITE room, when it's done. my parents gave us these fugly yet COMFY couches and I'm still looking for the perfect slipcovers {and yet more built in shelving to fill}
Jimmy's man den
before you go all "I can't believe you have dead animals in your house" on me...I always said the same thing. BUT the joy and sense of accomplishment that he has on his face over these "victories" is something I could NEVER describe. They are in the man den, which I NEVER have to go in if I don't want, so that's fine w/me
last but not least, "where the magic happens". OK I am totally embarrassed over our room but it's on our to do list FOR SURE.

So that's all folks. You saw Kendall's room and the only other room is our spare bedroom, which is more pathetic than our bedroom {if you can believe that}. So hope you liked touring the Dew household! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my word, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! :)

  2. It looks wonderful! Did you guys do the painting in the living room or was that already there? I am wondering what color it is?

  3. It looks so pretty!! If you ever wanted to paint your fireplace white, check out young house love. I love the look of there den!! Great blog too!! Your home is so nice!!

  4. Oh, it looks so nice! That sunroom is great, and the man cave too. My friend has that same plate collage you do in her kitchen, and I love it.

    Congrats, you guys found yourself such a lovely place to call home. :)

  5. Your house is beautiful! And we have that same candle wall decor on our wall. Must be an Ohio thing :)

  6. I love your kitchen and living room! I love that brick mantle and wall!!!

  7. love the house tour! and the title cracked me up : )