August 4, 2010

Stay At Home Dog Mom

  • Floors are steamed and vacuumed
  • Beds are made
  • Laundry is done
  • Bathrooms are clean
  • Dishes are done
  • Dinner is on the table
Life as a stay at home dog mom sure gets boring. Kendall HURRY up! I'm bored on maternity leave already!


  1. LOL.... I laugh because I felt the same way and then my newborn arrived and I was desperate for that very rare time to myself. And sleep! Oh how I missed thee!

    She will be here soon enough girly! All I can say is enjoy this nesting as much as you can!

  2. I agree with Kara, enjoy this time while you can. When she comes it will be a whole different ball game, haha!! :)

  3. Add me to the Greek chorus -once Kendall is here, all bets are off! ;)

  4. You won't be bored once she gets here! You will wish you had time for yourself and when you do get a free moment you will want sleep!! I would kill for one nights sleep with no interuptions. With all that being said, your little one will be worth it. I know mine is!

  5. LOL.. You are to funny yeah I get bored at times sitting at the house I'm ready to get to our duty station so I can have some stuff to do.

  6. This is Jenn (Jimmy's cousin, Nick's, wife..i.e. The other Mrs. Dew)...I agree with everyone, too! GIRL, I WISH I had time to myself...brushing my teeth and taking a quick shower are good days! :0) And I wish I could just go to the bathroom without the audience of my children ...I love my kids to death, but "Me time" is looong gone. OH, the sleep .... I miss it too! There is no more sleep when you are a Mom. I promise you... baby's comin'...ENJOY this time ... take advantage of the REST!

  7. Awww hope she gets here soon!