November 24, 2010

So What Wednesday


SO WHAT if...
  • I don't paint my toenails in the fall/winter months.  Pedicures don't exist once close toe shoe season starts.  
  • I tell my co-worker she can't listen to Christmas music yet {respect the turkey} but I put up Christmas decorations yesterday.  
  • I buy box wine now.  WAY more economical and stays fresh for up to 6 weeks!  Thank you Franzia.
  • I had to borrow winter coats from my mom because mine {sadly} don't fit.  I REFUSE to buy new winter coats due to my new curves.  I WILL fit into the old ones damn it!
  • I made Kendall's Christmas list with myself in mind.  She has NO IDEA about Christmas but I think she'd LOVE and exersaucer AND a jumperoo and ALL Disney movies.
  • I HATE every movie Mr. Husband loves and vice versa.  Opposites attract, right?
  • I let the dogs sleep in our bed.  They are just so snuggly I don't care if I wake up with hair in my mouth.
  • I call gyros ja-eye-rows, not year-o, not hero, not guy-row, it's ja-eye-row!  Sound it out people.  That's right.
What are you saying SO WHAT to?


  1. LOL love it! You crack me up!

    So what to that I keep odd hours of sleep. That's right It's 12:30 and it's not quite my bed time!

  2. my man wants to start the Harry Potter series... UGH! I know how you feel. I guess its a few movies and then it will be over... I am going to give in and watch them I guess. LOL...

  3. So what if I bought pies for Thanksgiving. I'm making the other things we're bringing! Just Pies makes a better pie than I can make. I call it delegating. :)

  4. Would just like to say that I totally don't get pedicures in the winter.

    But more importantly, my husband and I and movies DO NOT MIX. He says all I like are "chick movies" and I refuse to watch all of those shoot 'em up, zombie/scary, or war-type movies. Yuck.

  5. Thank you Franzia haha! You are too funny...that stuff is actually really good :)

  6. ha ha ... I say gyros the same as you.... this gets on my bf's nerves. But he calls sub sandwiches Hero's... I think it's a northern thing.

    And our Rotti sleeps in the bed with us too... everyone thinks its gross but she has her own blanket she sleeps on.

  7. i had an office mate that wanted to listen to christmas music at the begining of nov....and i also wouldn't let her do it :)