November 12, 2010

You Asked!

First of all I want to thank everyone who submitted a question to me, I am flattered that y'all want to get to know lil ole me a little better.  I also LOVE talking about myself so this was so fun for me!  Here we go...

Crazy Shenanigans asked: “What's the one thing that you absolutely hate, whether it be a food, a show, etc What's the one event you're most looking forward to in the next year years to come?”

Oh boy…things I hate, I could go on and on! I hate when people wear too much perfume. I have blogged about this before and it hasn’t gotten any better, thanks for asking. I hate spiders and centipedes, seriously WHY do they need so many legs? I hate sci-fi movies, Mr. Husband LOVES them…this is the biggest thing we fight over. I hate bad drivers. WATCH OUT I have a baby in the car Mr. Semi Truck Driver That
Ran Through a Red Light in My One Light Town and Almost T-Boned Me. I hate tea, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I loved it but the fact is I think it’s nasty, hot, cold, even flavored, even sweetened. I hate that I cannot get massages EVERY DAY. I hate that I have to work. I hate that my pre-pregnancy jeans STILL don’t fit. I hate, oh wait, she said just one…never mind.

In this next year I am looking forward to all of Kendall’s firsts. Her first Christmas, her first time sitting up, her first step, her first word {wonder what it will be?}, her first birthday. I just love watching her grow and  discover new things every day. We are also planning to go on our first family vaca this summer, just something low key, so that will be fun aka interesting.

Mrs. Southern asked: “What are some of your favorite TV shows? Any hobbies? Besides being a wife and mom of course! And what's the one thing you want for Christmas?”

Favorite TV shows: Desperate Housewives, Dr. Phil, Ellen, Grey’s Anatomy, Biggest Loser, Private Practice, Modern Family, Cougar Town {does anyone else notice the title changes at the beginning of each episode? HILARIOUS!!!}, Top Chef, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly, Real Housewives {all but ATL}, The Office, Glee, 30 Rock, Friends {reruns}, Sister Wives, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendra, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, and these are just the shows that are on currently!

Hobbies…let’s see…nope none. Well I guess blogging is a hobby, no?

One thing I want for Christmas…I haven’t even thought about what I want for Christmas! OK, um, I think I’d like a nice necklace, maybe something simple like this

or I’m thinking it’s about time I get a watch {get it, about time!?} I like this one
or this one

 But to be honest I’ll probably ask for gift cards. Lamesauce, I know.

Chardonnay asked: “How did you and hubs know you were ready for a baby? What's the
best and worst part of being a mom? Will you give us a tour of your house pretty please?
Why did you decide not to breastfeed? What's your natural hair color? What's your job?”

Mr. Husband and I had talked about babies LOTS before we got married, mainly because I’m obsessed with babies and couldn’t WAIT to have on of my very own! We decided I would go off my birth control after the wedding and we’d “see what happens”, I mean everyone says “it could take up to a year after getting off before you get pregnant”. Well 2 short months later BAM we’re pregnant! But I don’t think you’re ever “ready” to have a baby. Honest. There is always going to be a credit card, car, student loan that needs paid, a house to buy, a bigger car, one last vacation to take to “prepare” for a baby, but honestly if you wait for all those things, you’ll be waiting forever because there will always be SOMETHING. There is no way to “be ready” for the weight gain, the back aches, the sleepless nights, the constant crying, the packing everything but the kitchen sink to run to the grocery store, but it’s all TOTALLY worth it.

Best part of being a mom, do I have to pick just one? I love my evening from 7-8, when we are winding down for the night. Kendall gets a bath {which she LOVES}, we do lotion and jammies and a warm baba and it’s the most precious time of the day. She’s so happy during that last hour and always falls asleep in my arms. I cherish that hour. The worst is the unknown. Is she hungry? Tired? Safe? Happy? Warm? Cold?  Why is she crying? Is she constipated? All these things you have to figure out based on your baby’s cues. It’s very frustrating sometimes and even causes me to lash out on poor Mr. Husband. There have been times when she just cries and cries and nothing helps. I break out What To Expect In The First Year and read all the literature, try all the tips and still end up yelling at Mr. Husband b/c how did he not know to try the “colic cradle!?”  But you learn as you go and that turns some of the worst times into some of the best.

House Tour can be seen here. We still LOVE it here.

I’ve known since day one that breastfeeding wasn’t for me {us}. It’s never something that I have felt like I NEEDED to do. Call me selfish but Kendall had complete control over my body for 9 months and I was ready to have it back. This means drinking a glass of wine at dinner or eating spicy Mexican food without worrying about the ole pump and dump. Judge me if you will. And maybe if I were going to be a stay-at-home mom I would have tried it, but the thought of coming back to work with watermelons hanging from my chest and sitting in a cubicle crying from the pain hardly sounded like a good time. I can’t even fathom the thought of sitting in an awkward bathroom stall and pumping while on my lunch break. Something about preparing baby bottles in a bathroom didn’t set well with me. Another thing, I am not comfortable  breastfeeding in public. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Kim Kardashian, I don’t get all offended when I see others doing it publicly I just don’t think I could do it publicly. It’s just not something I’m comfortable doing at the mall, while eating dinner at Applebee’s, or even at my BFF’s house while we catch up on the latest  episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from people who have
breastfed and I am happy they have had a rewarding experience, I truly am. I’m sure if I decided to give it a whirl I would have loved it just the same.

As for my hair, I guess I don’t have you convinced that I’m a natural blonde, huh? Well my natural is not THAT much darker than what you see. In fact I’m like a dirty blonde but it’s just not a pretty shiny blonde. I would show you a picture but honestly I’ve been “blonde” since…IDK…junior high so that was before digital photography and I’m too lazy to scan. I have been brunette a couple times, never liked it, and I was RED
for a brief moment in time, don’t ask. Let’s just say I’m meant to be a blonde.

My job is a boring job. I work for a private aviation company that flies the rich and shameless. I work in our warranty department processing the invoices that come in for maintenance that was done on the planes. Our job is to determine if the work that was done is covered under warranty or not and if we are going to pay it or not. Sounds exhilarating huh? I can assure you it’s not but it pays the bills and that’s all that matters to me. Aren’t you glad you asked?

Dollface asked: “What is your favorite thing about being a mommy??” 

Instead of lumping her together with Chardonnay’s question I’m giving you another thing I love. I love watching Kendall discover things.  She recently discovered her hands and how to get them IN her mouth, this includes her WHOLE fist.  She also just learned how to roll over {occasionally} and the look on her face when she rolls from her belly to back is that of pure amazement.  I can tell she’s so proud of herself and that is priceless. 

Miss Southern Prep wants to know how me & Mr. Husband met…oh funny story.  I think I’ve shared this before but here we go…Mr. Husband’s family owns an electrical construction company and I worked as a temp in the office for, oh, 4 months before they “fired me”.  On my first day there all the “guys” told Mr. Husband, “hey there’s this new hot girl {thank you very much} and she looks to be your age and drives a yellow bug!  You should talk to her” Mr. Husband’s response, “is her name Summer?” {it is not for inquiring minds}.   So, during my 4 month stay with the company, a few of the ladies I worked with tried “fixing us up” but I had this great douche bag of a boyfriend at the time and had no interest in a guy that had a. no kids b. didn’t have a drinking problem and c. came from a great family, no thank you.  So we talked aka flirted occasionally but that was it and then BAM I got fired.  I figured I’d never see him again, except for on Myspace {oh Myspace}.  Then about 4 months after the firing I ran into him bowling of all places, yeah we’re white trash like that.  Both of us thought it was so weird; my mom thought it was fate, since neither of us had been bowling in YEARS.  So he took my number, TIWCE, and then never called me.  So I got annoyed, I REALLY wanted to go out with him-he’s super cute, and sent him a message on Myspace and a few weeks later we went out on our first date.  And the rest, ladies and gentleman, is history.  I moved in with him 2 months after our first date, got engaged 4 months later, married exactly a year after that and had a baby 10 months after the wedding.  Who says you can’t find love at the bowling alley?

Sarah asked: “what was you least/most fav part of being preggo?  Why did you choose against breastfeeding? What’s one thing you’re looking forward to doing with your pretty princess as she gets older?  What’s one thing you wish somebody would have told you about having a baby that you learned the hard way?”

Well my LEAST favorite part of being pregnant was the hormones.  They made me batshitcrazy and I knew it but there WAS nothing I could do about it.  I would FREAK out on Mr. Husband for no reason {God bless him for taking it all in stride}, and I was totally not myself.  It sucked.  I was in no control over my mouth, call it word vomit if you will.  There was no censor.  The thing is I knew what I was saying was crazy, annoying, bitchy, nagging, or selfish but I either didn’t care or couldn’t help it.  Either way it was not only annoying to Mr. Husband but to me as well.  Thankfully as soon as I had Kendall I was pretty much back to my old self.  I missed her.  

My favorite part was definitely feeling the baby move.  I remember the first time and it was like “OMG was that it?!  I want to feel it again!!!” Of course in the beginning you’re lucky to feel the baby once a week let alone more than once a day.  So I remember waiting and waiting and WAITING till the next time and then waiting till Mr. Husband could feel her too.  It is just so cool to know that your baby is in there, growing and her movements always reassured me that she was alright.  

See above for my breastfeeding response.

Things I’m looking forward to doing with Miss Kendall as she gets older is probably crafts.  I have been seeing lots of great holiday craft ideas for kids lately and I can’t wait till she’s big enough to sit down and make a Thanksgiving banner or paper garland for the Christmas tree.  I also can’t wait to bake with her!  I love baking and I am excited to be able to teach her that as well, she can crack the eggs for me and measure the milk.  I promise that is one mess I won’t be upset to clean up after.  

Something that someone would have told me about having a baby…someone should have told me that you can get stretch marks on you KNEES.  That’s right I have stretch marks on my inner knees.  Tell me how that is even possible people?  Not only does my tummy look like roadmap now, but my knees do too.  I applied Palmers starting at 8 weeks, before I even grew, and I STILL got stretch marks.  Palmers, you sir are a LIAR.  

Mateya asked: “Everyone always says "Wait to have kids, you will never get that time back!" Obviously you don't regret having Kendall and wanted to have kids right away, but what can you say in defense to that? I never know how to read people who say that!”

Honestly before I had Kendall I hated when people said that, it’s like they were saying they regretted having kids right away or something.  BUT now that I have been there, done that, I know what they mean.  It’s not like “oh my life sucks now that my baby is here” or “I wish I would have waited” and more like “WHOA this is different”.  I knew it was going to change our lives, for the better of course, but you don’t know how much till they are here.  Even when I was pregnant we were still free to do what we wanted, when we wanted, and where we wanted.  Sure I was limited to WHAT I could do but not like now.  Now going to the grocery store is a production.  Getting naked wasted with your husband on date night doesn’t sound AS fun because that 2 am feeding comes FAST!  Thankfully we aren’t travelers of the world so trying to get in our last baby-free trip to Italy wasn’t something we had to consider but if you like seeing the world I can see how that phrase would be fitting.  It’s all on the couple I think.  For us, we couldn’t wait to be parents and have loved parenthood so far, but, even now, I find myself thinking “man…what did we sign up for?”.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and if you are just now reading this and thinking "how the heck did I miss out on this AWESOME Q&A session?", feel free to shoot me an email and I'll gladly answer more!


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  2. Thanks for sharing Shan!! I gotta know though... why did you get "fired"????? I can't imagine anyone firing you!

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