November 9, 2010

You've Got Mail

I admit I have already been perusing Shutterfly for our first family Christmas card! I have used them in the past {a soft back photo book of our engagement pics for a stocking stuffer for Mr. Husband, a hardback photo book for our guestbook at the wedding, Kendall’s birth announcements, and most recently a hardback photo book of
Kendall’s first two months} and their quality is outstanding! Every time we receive a photocard in the mail I always flip it over to see if it has the Shutterfly logo on the back, needless to say I am Shutterfly OBSESSED.
This year I am excited to make a photo card to include our entire family {dogs too!}. A few I’ve been  contemplating…
I ABSOLUTELY love the font on this one, reminds me of our wedding invitations!!!
This one is SO me!  I love the monogram and the saying in the bottom right is precious!  
Mr. Husband is a "Merry Christmas" guy so this would be his choice {plus I like that it has the monogram}
Or now that we have Baby Kendall, maybe something fun like this?

Right now Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à, how cool!?

There are SO many to chose from I don't know how we will decide but one thing I do know, we will LOVE it!  Have you started shopping for your holiday cards or am I just a little anxious!?  It is KP's first Christmas after all!


  1. Great idea! I've been thinking about this years Christmas card and now I might consider this! Yay for making life easier!

  2. I make my cards so no not to early but if your ordering it's really not to early either. You always want to give a little extra time just in case.

  3. Kinley's first birthday is December 11 so I'm allowing myself time to devour that holiday first...and then it's all about Christmas! I want to see how our family Christmas picture turns out before I choose the card. The photo totally sets the theme for the card.

  4. Yea!! I designed ours yesterday... check out too! Not as great of discounts and promos but some SUPER adorable stuff. I almost broke down and ordered mine from there.

  5. I can totally understand the Shutterfly obsession -- I used them last year for a family Xmas card -- and EVERYONE (even my great Aunties who loathe b&w film) loved them! I like the first one -- something about it? Take care! ♥Cyn♥