December 11, 2010

Teenie-Weenie, Itsy-Bitsy...BIKINI

We are going on our first Dew Family Vaca with KP in January which means KP NEEDS her first bathing suit!  Here are some contenders {can you believe stores are showing bathing suits already!?}

Or maybe just a cute swim diaper?
I need help mamas.  What do you prefer for a 4-5 month old?  Also any travel tips?  I am so terrified of being THAT person on the plane with the screaming baby!  


  1. Oh, how cute! (And cute layout, too, by the way.) I like the first one the best.

  2. for babies under the age of 1 its all about the skin coverage. I don't think you can use sunscreen on them... They are all adorable. I took my son on a plane at 5 months and I was that Mom with the screaming child. Realize that people staring are looking with pity and concern not judgment. Bring lots of extra bottles. Read and read the tsa information and most of all build in lots of time to get through security. I freaked out on a worker because I was so high stressed to get to the gate on time.

  3. I vote for the bow and ruffles!

    We haven't flown with Jamie yet, but I've heard give them something to suck on like a paci or bottle for the up and the down to help their years. Good luck!

  4. I think one pieces are good for babies and make sure she is COVERED with sunscreen. I've been on the plane from FL to NV with my daughter several times and you know...the ones that are staring at you are feeling bad for you not judging. When someone makes comments, they can offer to help you and Mr. Husband or they can keep the trap shut! :0) Good'll be okay. Just pack smart and efficient (not necessarily a lot of stuff)...

  5. Those are soo cute! I'd want to buy them all!

  6. Okay so we took Eme at 6 weeks to the beach. You do need lots of things :)

    Just think though--MOST things could be purchased if at last minute you're there and all OMG WE DONT HAVE "xyz"...

    And I also have a slight obsession with swimsuits. Eme already has 3 for next year. I bought them at the end of last season.

    I'm a fan of the blue one with skinny straps. But question---wait...what size do you need?!

    I seriously have a suit that looks like 99% of the ones you listed AND it came with a terry cloth cover up--but wasnt the right season for E. Still has tags on it. I'd so send it to you if it was the right size.

    I *think* its 3-6 months.

    Let me know. It has strawberries on it.

  7. those may be the most adorable bathing suits I have ever seen! You are on top of things lady!!

    2 of my bff's had baby girls this fall, so I may have to get their little ones some cutie bathing suits like these!

  8. I'd do a one piece for her. SHe won't be quite old enough for sunscreen but ask your pedi about it. Typically it's6mos.

  9. Oh my, do I love the first bathing suit there!
    Where did you find that one from, I would absolutely love to get it for Adrienne this summer (we might be taking our first family vacation to Florida)?

    Email me at if you remember the source:)

    Advice wise, I would make sure to layer her in very light clothing since you aren't supposed to use sun block until their older then 6 months old.
    & try to look for a bathing suit with uv ray protection, I found one last year in jc penny's that helped a lot!

    Also, just make sure you have a lot of different toys, books, and whatnot so you're little one has options to choose from during the plane ride.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!


  10. Oh my gosh, how adorable!! I love that first one!

  11. The second one is so cute but they are all adorable! Good luck!

  12. I like #4! And you can do sunscreen that early. And she even go in the pool! Just give her a good bath after. See if you can get her to practice wearing a hat now so she is not constantly pulling it off when she needs it on!

    As for the plane, all I can recommend is that you buy her a ticket (if you haven't all ready). I flew with L when he was 7 months and not buying him a ticket was a giant mistake on my part. Pack tons of formula, bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. to carry on the plane. I believe I have even taken water thru security because I needed it to be room temp for the bottles not the cold water they sell in stores. TSA will send u thru a special line and will just test your liquids. Exceptions can be made when you are traveling with an infant! Try to feed her at takeoff and landing so her ears pop nicely. Or give her a pacifier then if she takes one.

  13. So jealous you're going away! I would love a beach vaca this winter:) I actually really like the cute little swim diapers, maybe with a matching sun hat? I had about 5 different swim suits for Kirsten last summer. From my experience, she fit into bigger suits when she was younger. For instance, her first time swimming she was 4ish months old and the smallest suit I could find was 9 mos, and it worked just fine. Same w/ the swim diapers. Have fun planning! I also saw a comment about sunscreen no-no, and while I'd obviously check with your doctor, we used sunscreen when K was 5 months old, and she was just fine. My thoughts were I'd rather risk a slight reaction from the sunscreen than have her get a sun burn! Just my opinion though:)

  14. i LOVE the blue and white polka dotted one!!

  15. I like the first one the best!!!

    I have no practical advice, but ooooh cuteness!

  16. Oh my goodness. Those are so adorable!! I think I like the first one the best...but how do you really choose??