January 3, 2011

What's In a Name?

That's it!  I'm tired of hiding behind aliases...I mean I use my CHILD'S real name for crying out loud but not my own.  So here we go the big name reveal post...
Mi nombre es {yes I realize I watch WAY too much Dora}...

Bride Shannon!!

And while we're at it...let's reveal Mr. Husband's true identity

This is James, Jimmy, Jim-bo, J-Money or any combination of babe, honey, & sweet cheeks.

So there you have it, our REAL names.  Don't you feel better now?  Like we are BFFs and can share our diary entries with one another.  I Dew do.

*I realize MANY of you already know our real names from conversations of the electronic form, but humor me and act excited & surprised*


  1. OMIgosh!!! I'm so excited to know that you're a Shannon!! hahaha...

    I mean I am a ninja, so you wouldn't be able to tell from my twitter or email that my name is Ana...ha.

    I know that some people like to remain somewhat anonymous, but I'm all for being myself on my blog. :)

  2. I am so happy that you shared your name with us.

  3. I did not think moms were allowed to have names...especially bloggers moms..ha
    Nice to "meet" you Shannon...my name is Randi

  4. That's refreshing! Do you call him James or Jimmy?

  5. I had no idea your name was Shannon:) You kind of look like a Shannon now that you mention it, though! I took a blogging hiatus when I was pregnant (the first time) and came back anonymous. It's hard to know what is safe. I decided first names were okay, so I'm glad you agree on that:)

  6. Ummm...you forgot that you are also known as Shan and Shanny Shan. Hehe. Oh, and for me, you are mirror twin.

    Miss you!!

  7. Love it!! Glad you came out of the closet!!

    I would, but my husband would freak. The blog world kind of scares him...

  8. WOOHOO!!! :) Love the big reveal! :) It took me FOREVER to announce my name on my blog. I mean, my nickname is Jax so people prolly guessed, but still.. haha! And that pic of you is adorable btw... :)

  9. Nice to meet you Shannon. I like your name, but I pictured you as a "Jenny, Melissa, or Rachel." Love your blog.

  10. you are hysterical. Glad I already knew your name; I'd have died already with curiosity!