September 13, 2011

Pardon The Interruption

But guess who's back to blogger!?  Yep!  I am back to my roots and it feels so good.  I couldn't take WordPress and their constant spam comments {plus I couldn't do any cool blog layouts either} so I came back to my original blog home.  
So now I'll show up in your reader again!  Woohoo!  So please follow me again, and this time it's easy!  No more stupid RSS feed or subscribe button, just the good ole fashion "follow".  
In the mean time Katie is working on a fabulous new layout and I can't wait to see!  

Good to be back.



  1. yay you're back on blogger! I had no clue how to follow on the WP so I had to google your blog each time I wanted to creep lol. Now I'm following for real :)

  2. YAY!! Best news I've heard all day!!

  3. Yay I can FINALLY follow you now! I know you were dying for me too :)

    Love the new lay out!

  4. This layout is really cute. Glad you're back to blogger! :)