October 24, 2011

The Day The Animals Escaped & Then We Played With Them

Did you guys hear about the wild animals that escaped that farm in Zainesville Ohio last week?  No?  Then you live under a rock.  I was home from work that day and terrified for my life as those lions, tigers and bears {oh my} were a stones throw from my house.  So I did what any normal mom  would do and loaded up my girl and headed for the mall!
You see it was a craptastic day.  Cold, rainy, just miserable.  I knew Kendall would go stir crazy if we stayed indoors all day so I knew the one mall had an indoor playground full of germs that were screaming our names.  
I debated and debated what I would wear for such occasion.  I mean I had the potential to make a new mom friend or two so I had to look the part.  Do I go total "eh I'm a mom" casual?  Dress it up like "hey I'm a cool hip, stylish mom"?  I decided on something in between.
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I thought, Ok the leggings as pants is a bit much but chambray=fashionable.  I thought I looked approachable to a less stylish mama yet cool enough for a more fashion savvy mom.  Good to go.  Off we went.  
Y'all this might be my new proud mom moment.  You know the one where you wish you had a camera following you to capture all the cuteness from the babe and looks of awe from mom?  It was that kind of day.
Since Kendall goes to MIL every day she's not really exposed to kids much.  I don't want her being one of those socially awkward kids so I'm trying to include her in as many social activities possible.  
When we first got there she was in awe of the other kids.  She just stood perfectly still and took it all in.  She smiled, she pointed, she looked at me for reassurance, she's precious.  After a little coaxing and some very friendly {maybe too friendly} kids she came out of her shell and was running with the best of them. 
Watching that melted my mommy heart.  Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter, she did that day.  It was so rewarding for me to see her "befriend" these strangers and be so sweet and kind to them.  She went from this timid little girl to this playful, friendly toddler and it was so amazing to see.
I made a funny that day and tweeted that we had a "wild bear sighting".  I know, I know, you can stop laughing now, it wasn't THAT funny.
Oh and you know what?  I debated on that outfit for nothing.  I came home with no mommy friends and no play dates scheduled.  Fail.  Maybe I need Mommy Cards.



  1. You can totally pull off that chambray. I don't think I could. I'm not really great with making brand new mom friends just off the bat like that. At all. Also, being a sahm/wahm, I used to fear that Eme wouldn't be social. But, holy cowwww, girlfriend is TOO friendly. It kind of scares me. At a party this weekend she wondered to every table, stood there and waved and waved and said "hi!" until every SINGLE person turned and acknowledged her. There were at least 75 people there. OMG. It was torture. But also cute. Thank god for cousins :) I'm glad to see Kendall is getting out and about and being the little social butterfly she is.

  2. You look great and so does Kendall! And on the mommy cards, I guess I get it (and obviously they're really cute), but I seriously don't think I would ever be able to whip one out and hand it to a stranger or woman I just met.

  3. You look great! I love that outfit! Don't worry no one offers me any mommy cards either ;-)

  4. That outfit was so cute!! You are a good lookin' mama :) Sorry you didn't come home with any new mom friends. I wouldn't be too down on yourself about it, it's tough for all of us!

  5. I would LOVE to be able to wear the leggings, I have purchased a pair and to this day they live in the closet (I am WAY to afraid to wear them) ... You look awesome...

    I heard about the animals and being the animal lover I am -- It BROKE my heart!!! Those poor poor tigers, lions and bears!!! and whatever else was roaming wild for those few hours before dark.. glad you and Kendall were safe!!

  6. I cracked up at your tweets that day in regards to the WILD animals you encountered!

    I said it before but I'll say it again, I love that outfit

  7. i LOVE your boots!!! where did you get them? i feel like i have tried on 20 pairs and i can't find ones that i like :(

  8. You both looked fabulous!! I got me some mommy cards for those "what-if" possibilities since I am home with both of my girls and they don't get out too often either! Glad you all were safe from the real wild animals! ;)

  9. I swear a coworker and I were talking about being afraid to get out of the car once it got dark that day!! Glad the playing with others went well!

  10. KP is so darn cute, and you pulled off the leggings as pants that day FOR SURE!!

  11. If you figure out how to go into a sitch like that and come out with a new Mom friend, please let me know! those women intimidate the hell out of me! also i can totally not pull off the cool mom look like you. tips? please??

  12. Glad I'm not the only one trying to impress/attract mommy friends. I totally would've befriended you- and then felt awkward. Maybe IRL friends are overrated. Nah!