November 9, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This weeks guest post is brought to you by the FAHbulous Miss Kayleigh from Down at Fraggle Rock, cute blog name huh?  Kayleigh is getting married in less than a year and I can totally relate to her frantic bride mind.  So stop on over and send her good bride vibes!

This week I am saying So What! If…

* I texted Big A with a giant SOS on Monday telling him how horrible I felt and asked him to take care of dinner. And by the time he came home… I actually felt a lot better, but I took him up on the delicious take out and extra TLC. Sometimes a girl needs to be pampered *

* If I forget to tell Big A to pick something up on the way home and then tell him he forgot it. A) He knows I’m crazy joking and B) It somehow makes me feel better that I forgot we had no half & half and now I can’t drink my morning coffee and I kind of want to cry *

* Sometimes I wonder where the eff we will be getting all of the money for the wedding from? But, then I remember that I have budgeted a reasonable amount, and haven’t included tax returns, bonus $, or snow plowing in that… and then I drink a bottle of wine…and it doesn’t seem to bother me anymore *

* Instead of working on this ginormous project at work, I am writing a SWW post. I only have one tiny thing left to do and I am still waiting for the last part from my boss, so I can’t finish it anyway…plus the thought of proof reading one more report makes me want to stick ice picks in my eyes…(cute picture huh?) *

* Everyone is so excited for Big A and I to have babies…except for me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited…but everyone has a different timeline (including Big A) and the closer we get to it…the more I push it back. There’s no harm in waiting right? I mean… as long as I get a move on before 50…right?! *

* I have this horrible habit of painting my nails constantly and then immediately picking the nail polish off the next day. I know it is gross. I am beginning to think that it is some sort of nervous tick or something… eek! Must. Stop. Picking. Nails. *

* I am still 10 years old in the sense that starting November 1st, I have a countdown to my birthday. It is usually written on every single calendar that I can get my hands on. This year, I am keeping a mental count (42 days) because writing a countdown on your work calendar could seem slightly childish to some…except for the fact that I just paused writing and wrote it down. Ug. I’m hopeless. *

* Yesterday counted down 10 months to the wedding and I feel like I should be SO much more prepared. Sane Me knows that I am quite organized and kicking ass. Freakshow Me… thinks the whole thing should be planned by now. Realistic? Nope. *

* I read an article in Cosmo last month about Serial Killers… and I have been having nightmares ever since. And I’m afraid to go outside at night by myself. And I keep seeing and hearing things. Apparently Serial Killers never seemed real to me until Cosmo did an article on them. Good grief! I want my brain back! *

And that’s all for today. BIG thank you to Shannon for letting me take over her blog for the day. Now, it’s YOUR turn to link up.



  1. I hate cosmo just for that. The 'real life" article are SCARY!

    Glad you know I'm not the only one who picks off their nail polsih!

  2. ha! i do the EXACT same thing with my nail polish!