December 9, 2011

Chick Flicks

As you may {or may not} know, TV watching {whether movie or TV show} in my house is an utter nightmare.  Not because of me and my "I only like comedies or romantic comedies" ways, nope.  It's because my husband likes everything but.  True story.  TV night in our house is miserable and usually ends up with one of us caving {me} and watching yet another sci fi/action/suspense/super hero piece of crap.
Don't get me wrong, I like scary movies and thrillers too, but those things are REAL and could REALLY happen.  I don't think some little martian man is going to come down from outter space and talk to me and we're going to be best friends until the day he goes back to his planet {Paul}, I mean I may be wrong but I just don't see that happening.  I do, however, see the girl getting hit by the rolling dumpster only to be saved by the one and only Matthew McHottie and, after he dumps his bitch of a fiance, they live happily ever after, that would totally happen.
About the only TV shows we can agree on are Two and a Half Men, Modern Family, Cougar Town, & Up All Night.  Yep 4 whole shows.  But here's the thing, Jimmy may not like "my shows"  but guess what, he watches them.  Yes indeed.  These "chick flicks" that he swears are "so dumb" I catch him getting sucked into every time.
For example Teen Mom.  This weekend there was a marathon, to gear up for the new season, and he actually came into the bedroom and said "That southern girl {Janelle} is a mess!  She's talking crap to her mom and telling her she needs to let her take care of her son, meanwhile she's walking out the door leaving him behind".  Duh Hun, see why I love it?  It's a train wreck that you can't look away from.  Welcome to the dark side.
And there are a handful of shows that I just can't see why a man wouldn't want to watch, some of my favorites:
Desperate Housewives:  I mean I really can't understand why a man wouldn't like this show.  I mean hot ladies {hello Eva Longoria}, someones always drunk, getting killed, or blackmailing someone; that has man written all over it, right?
Sister Wives:  Ok so I get, upon first glance, this show is the epitome of a woman's guilty pleasure.  BUT I mean a man with 4 wives?  That sounds like every man's dream.  Maybe they don't want to watch because they're jealous?
Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Kendra:  Again hot ladies, what's not to love?  Even if you just watch KUWTK for the eye candy, it's totally loaded wih hotties.  And Kendra, I mean that girl is as vulgar as a man and sexy at the same time, every man's dream if you ask me.  And half the time the girls are in bikinis {or in the latest episode of KUWTK they were nakie}.  Score one for the husbands.
Glee: I mean I think this show is perfect for my ex-jock husband.  It's got football players dating the pretty girl, the occasional lesbian scene, not to mention Britney S. Pears is funnier than anyone on Family Guy.

Basically I can talk my way out of a paper sack.

I can't even get started on movies because it's a neverending battle; it's not even worth fighting for anymore.  Please tell me I am not alone in my TV struggles?  Thank God for DVRs and husbands that hunt, go to school 2 nights a week and pick up side jobs any chance they get or else my DVR would have been full the week we got it.


  1. My husband watches sports, sports, sports and an occasional action movie. It kills me!

  2. Same problem here. My husband hates anything I want to watch and I loath everything he wants to watch. Last night I got suckered into watching Drury Outdoors, I mean seriously?!?! Hunting season is practically over, can't we put the hunting DVDs away?

    We later compromised and watch National Geographic.

  3. My husband watches all of my girly shows with me. Should I be worried?? lol Although when he does want to hog the TV on the weekends to watch Football I don't complain.

  4. I always try to convey this point to my husband, but he always says the bickering gives him a headache. Boo...I love the bickering!

  5. hubs is the same way.
    He likes watching Discovery and all that Sci Fi stuff but I once got him to watch a Secret Life of an American Teenager marathon with me and he was all into it.

  6. Baaah! This is so my life. Hubby is up north all week so I managed to DVR most of the Teen Mom 2 marathon. Send Janelle back to jail, that girl is sick in the head!

    I'm sure when he gets back it'll be back to his old days watching the military and/or hunting channel..and wishing I was more like Tiffany from The Crush.

  7. My husband goes to bed at 7:30 every night so before that we watch his stupid shooting gun shows then after that the tv is all mine. I get to watch whatever I want. It gets lonely though.

  8. baha. dying over this. my husband is the same. "oh this is some dumb chick show" then he sits and gets sucked into it. When its OVER, he'll be all "oh that's dumb", BUT HE JUST WATCHED IT. We agree on about 4 shows. Parenthood. Office. Parks and Rec. And New Girl. Don't even get him started on how narrowminded he feels I AM about movies (ie: I Only watch rom-com's....kinda true...)

  9. We are the same way. There is no point in me watching my shows when he is home because he just talks and makes fun of them the entire time. It is obnoxious. BUT, I can watch all the Vietnam documentarie, car shows, Dragnet, etc. that I want and can't even sneeze. SOOOO not fair.

  10. We have the same issues but I'll catch my hubs getting sucked into Sister Wives or America's Next Top Model from time to time! Don't tell him I told you! ;)

  11. O gosh, my husband makes so much fun out of my chick flick shows. If he's in the same room while they are on he continually makes fun of them. Although, he LOVES if I'll watch his shows with him.... Seems a bit unfair!

  12. It's all sports here! I always give a little and watch some sports and he'll watch some of my "Chick" shows.
    There are some I wouldn't even attempt to make him watch with me.... like any of the RH!

  13. I agree with you on all terms, Sister wives is like a car accident, you just cant NOT watch, its so interesting and such and eye opener.

  14. Totally agree on Teen Mom! I haven't watched hardly any of the new girls but the originals are still a hot mess!