December 19, 2011

"Stupid" Things

This isn't going to be the post where I spill the beans on the things I said I'd never do.  I'll save that for later.
This is where I talk about all those "stupid" gadgets that I said I'd never own.  Those tacky, cheap, seemingly useless items that when I saw them {prebaby}swore I'd never own.
Like the pacifier clip. I hated those things.  I mean a leash for your binkie?  How dumb.  And I mean ugly.  If you want your baby to have any sort of fashion sense don't buy one of them.  BUT if you are traveling with a 4-5     month old who takes a binkie and you fear you may run out of binkie wipes {another thing I said I'd never own} because of picking it up off of the airport floor for the 4956730 time, you need a binkie clip.  Seriously that thing saved our lives when we were going to Florida last year.  Now that's really the only time we did use it but it was worth it.
Also there's the duck tub.  You know the one, it looks like a giant inflatable rubber duck.  Yeah when my friends had them with their kids I was all, "well isn't that dumb, why don't you just put him/her IN the tub?".  And then I became a mom.  You see that thing is perfect for those in between times.  When they are clearly too big for the infant tub but too slippery for the big tub.  Kendall loved it when it made the "quack quack" sound and all was good in the bathing world, until she pooped in it.  Game over.  It was fun while it lasted.
Character tees, shoes, PJs, you name it have never been my thing.  I think they are cheap and ugly.  Kendall thinks wearing a tee with a dog on it {her favorite} and carrying a Dora sippy are  Girl loves it.  So I caved.  Next thing you know I'll be buying light-up, Velcro, Bubble Guppie tennis shoes {lord help me on that day}.
There is one thing that I was all "OH YES!  I must register for one of those, I'll use it all the time" and then it ended up being one of these stupid things.  That is the shopping cart cover.  Sure you think it's this plush seat protector that will not only keep your baby safe but also keep him/her from gnawing on the metal shopping cart and then you realize what a pain in the ass it is.  Gah that thing is so huge and awkward to carry along with the child, diaper bag, purse, your shopping list, and there's no husband in sight.  So you do what any mom would do and use it twice and donate it to the pregnant girl at work, surely she'll "need" this.
So yeah.  I did it, I used the binkie clip and dressed my kid in Dora PJs and gave into the idea of an inflatable tub that goes in the tub.  What items did you swear were "stupid" prebaby?  Anything that you thought you'd love just to end up using once and then tossing to the side?  Talk amongst yourselves.


  1. I feel the SAME way about character clothing! So tacky & cheap looking...but...I have caved once & got Kate some Hello Kitty jams from Old Navy :)

  2. that duck tub rocked my world for both of my kids. I bleached it and they still play with it. I loathe character tees and I won't put my kids in them...well, except the ugly toy story one I let Conner wear to bed. I never thought I would have kids that don't sleep all night. Seriously, they (well just P now) are killing me.

  3. I hate character clothing and dread the day that G asks for Elmo shoes! I know it will happen eventually!

    I swore my child would eat everything we ate and would NOT be picky/, he eats like 4 things. Isn't funny how things change once you actually have a kid?!

  4. I love it Shannon!! We didn't have the duck tub but I can totally relate and agree with everything else on the list!!

  5. We had the duck tub, used it once and then I wanted to stab it! I refrained however, and stuffed it back in the box.

    I thought that we just HAD to have robes for my little twins..

    Bought 2 each.

    Never.used.them. Ever.

  6. Character clothes. I feel terrible about how badly I judged those clothes, but when my girls face lights up over dora pjs or sippy cups? I just melt. And I'm a SUCKER. In my head I swear I'll never let her get those princess shoes. But I also know that I already have changed and molded so much, and I basically will do whatever makes her happy.

    Also, we used our shopping cart cover for a few weeks, but agree...too bulky. I liked it for the times when the baby is still a bit floppy....and the metal cart is so harsh. But yea, that thing doesn't exist in my world, well, it hasn't for a long time actually. But I do own one.

  7. Who wouldn't want bubble guppy shoes that light up!?! ;)

    I have no idea what this duck tub thing is that you are referring to. I need to look it up for future planning, I suppose.

    The pacifier clips are nice until the kid rips the clip off the clothes...then it's goes back to being stupid again.

  8. Character clothing...ahhhh I do NOT like it at all. I did buy my son a character shirt from TCP but it passed the test. I will do the PJ's and that's about it and as far as the shoes- Let's just say one of my kids got them for a present and they ended up in the Goodwill bag....BAD I know

  9. LOL, Geez I could have wrote this post! Never did get the binkie clip... just cleaned the damn thing over and over. Fortunately, Avery does not like the binkie. I am so with you on the character shirts... but I did buy Hay 2 princess shirts... they were cute and not the cheesy type from Old Navy so I don't feel too much like a hypocrite LOL.

  10. OMG I'm SO with you on the character clothing.. vom! But I know I'll succumb to Batman T-Shirts and Transformers bedsheets one day... wah. I registered for the Itzbeen timer thinking THIS THING IS A GODSEND. Um, yea... used it twice. Maybe even once. When the baby needs to be fed or changed stat, the last thing on your mind is clicking the timer button to record it!

  11. Mia loves the character clothes too! Anything Dora or princesses and the sippy cups - Dora, Toy Story, yep she loves them!
    I didn't love or hate them, just glad she gets excited when she wears some of it - anything for my girl!

  12. I agree with ALL of that! :) Especially the cart cover. I used mine a few times, now it just sits in the trunk, unused. lol. It was definitely a hassle trying to lug it in the store with everything else you're carrying, then.. trying to get it on while holding the baby, just ridiculous! ;)

  13. haha, I DO use the shopping cart cover ALL The time. grocery, walmart, etc. IT is always in my trunk and we always use it! We also eat out quite a bit and I bring it in all the restaurants for the nasty high chairs. MOre of a germ thing...but I also let strangeres hold her, so my logic may be whack. character clothes...I hope we can stay away from those. HEre is to hoping. AND THE DUCK? I have nO Idea what that is! HOw did i miss it? Then again we dont even take baths, just showers..but I own an infant bath tub and ive been to a million showers and never seen one! Where are they from?

  14. I didn't think we needed a bottle warmer but we LOVE ours (Dr Browns)

    I didn't think we needed a wipes warmer and that turned out to be true

    I thought we'd need a shopping cart cover but never used it even one time, and have donated it now

  15. oh and I read that unless you wash your cart cover all the time, it ends up being more germy than the cart/high chair!

  16. Hahahha! I hate character clothing but totally cave for my kids! They freakin love that stuff! My son wants to live in his transformer shirt. I will not ever buy character shoes!

    Never had to use a bilnkie clip but yes very tacky and never gave in to the duck tub!

    Shopping cart cover I totally thought I'd use and used maybe three times with my son. Why I saved it for my daughter is beyond me!

    Cute post!

  17. I'll be honest and say that I'm that Mom that uses our shopping cart cover EVERY shopping/restaurant trip we take. We love it, and it has the little sippy cup holder that is perfect for Chloe.
    As for the binky clip? Nope....Chloe won't have it. She rips it off...we haven't even tried to use it since we bought it and tried it once. Chloe is usually pretty good with her binky though. It's in her mouth for the most part, or she holds it. She wouldn't let that thing go if her life depended on it.
    As for the ducky much of a pain in my ass as that thing was, it was a MUST for us! We used it until the day Chloe was big and stable enough for the big we loved that thing!
    Another thing we loved was the bottle warmer. When Chloe was on boob food/formula, we used that thing religiously. We didn't want to use the mic. But now, yea...nuke it in the mic. Easy as pushing the 30 sec button!
    Oh, and the Character clothing, yep! Chloe loves! I think her fave is the hello kitty stuff from ON.

  18. I'm the same about the character clothes. Then BG fell in love with Elmo and not that little butt in everywhere in this house. So that's fun.

    And I used the shopping cart cover twice. I'm not actually sure I even used it correctly....

  19. i tagged you girllll

  20. We used our shopping cart cover for the floppy times, but not any more. Thankfully it was a hand me down, so it didn't cost me anything. I thought a wipe warmer was totally unnecessary, but my child freaked during diaper changes because of cold wipes. We've avoided character clothing so far, but I'm afraid we're headed in that direction :)