January 4, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I'm kind of wanting to quit SWW.  Don't worry just yet, I haven't decided for sure but there are some weeks I just don't have it in me anymore or I want to post something else.  Not many people are linking up anymore so I'm starting to wonder if the readers are feeling the same way as I do...we'll see.
  • Reading everyone's pregnancy announcements still doesn't give me The Fever.  Don't get me wrong, I am beyond happy, joyful, estatic, over the moon for these ladies {really, I am} but it's just not happening here.  This uterus is off limits.
  • I keep checking my ap updates hoping that Cuptakes will soon have one and they never do!  It's a new month and they usually put one out on the 1st and so far, nada!  Mama needs a new background wallpaper! 
  • I went to work in Uggs, jeans and a zip up hoodie yesterday.  It's finally decided to be winter in Ohio and that means s*&%.  Yep that's a 4 letter word in my house.  So with s$%# comes comfy clothes and safe shoes, so much for looking cute for the next couple months.
  • I miss my old coworkers.  I have been at this job for over half a year but I still haven't bonded with anyone like I did at my last job.  In fact I just sit and email my old coworker all day and pretend like it's "old times".
  • I'm thinking of taking off work early one day this week to go get a pedicure or something.  Mama deserves needs a treat.



  1. NO matter what you decide to do with SWW, I'll still be an avid linker....maybe you could try and do soemthing else on like a different day or something that people could still link up to? IDK, just a though. You've been at this blogging thing for a lot longer then I have, so you know best!!
    Oh, and you forgot to mention that you email me to keep your sanity too....:-) Just sayin'

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has an 'off-limits uterus!' I'm pretty sure that almost every blogger that was pregnant when I was pregnant with Connor is now pregnant with their second child. I'm very excited for all of them, but it just is NOT giving me The Fever. I'm just not ready and I'm not sure I'll ever be!

  3. 1. Sometimes the only time I blog during the week is SWW. Just sayin'.

    2. TLC isn't your bestie? Weird.

  4. Please keep doing So What Wednesday... it is one of my favorite link ups!!!!

  5. I've never commented before and I don't even remember how I found your blog BUT I feel you on the coworker thing!

    I miss my old coworkers back in Washington State and now I live in Georgia! It's been a year now and they are still just as mean, catty, and immature as they were when I started. ::SIGH:: I thought we were all done with high school! ok - rant over.


  6. I looovvee your SWW! I wish I could remember everything I say "so what" to so that I can actually create a post to link up! Either way I will always read along because I loooovvveee your blog!

  7. Today is my first link-up to So What Wednesday. I'm a regular reader to your blog - and I look forward to it.

    Stop by and see www.gurleegirrl.com