March 8, 2012

Pinspired Thursday

Pinspired Thursday
It's been a while since I've shared some of my awesomeness latest Pinterest projects and what the heck am I doing them for if not to share with the world!?
Last weekend I hosted a girls slumber party at mi casa and when I went on Pinterest to look for a delicious drink to make I knew just the one I wanted.  I had pinned this Skinny Girl Sangria back in the warmer months but never got the chance to actually make it.  Well the temps dipped into the high 50s here in Ohio this weekend which meant, HEAT WAVE!  Which also meant I had to make this yummy libation for my girlfriends.
I had searched for other cocktails but most of them either 1. required millions of ingredients or 2. had crazy ingredients that I would basically buy for the drink and discard the rest, either way, no bueno.  So this was perfect!  Simple, few ingredients and what ingredients did require I could use at a later date, no problem!  

1. Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc 
2.  Bottle of sparkling white wine
3.  peaches
4.  kiwi
5.  mint
6.  pint of raspberries

Basically you pour all of the above into a pitcher and let sit for about an hour, to soak up all the flavors.
My only complaint about this yummy summer cocktail is that it didn't make enough!  There were 4 of us and about one glass each was all we got, I coulda used at least 3 myself.  But I will definitely be making this again, especially when we get into the dog days of summer, so refreshing!



  1. This looks so yum! I just sent this to my mom as a possibility for our specialty drink at our engagement party in May!

  2. this looks amazing, I'm going to have to make this soon!

  3. YUM! Im going to have to make some ASAP tonight. I found a good drink recipe I made this past weekend from the lovely pinterest too! Diet 7up, raspberry sherbert, and wine. DELICIOUS!!!

  4. YUM! This looks like my kind of drink. And agreed, i could drink the pitcher myself. :) Double or triple the recipe is what you are saying! :)

  5. that seriously made my mouth water!!

  6. Yum! I LOVE this! So trying it :)

  7. Yes! I love reading about pinterest inspired yummies that worked! I pin so much it seems but you never know what is actually a winner. This is great to hear and since we are well into Spring here in TX, I think it's calling my name soon!