April 12, 2012

May Sponsors!

April showers bring May...sponsors!  
Now opening up L.A.I.D. for May sponsors!
This month will be a little different than the previous 2 months.  I will need you to provide me with a little write up about your site/shop/blog/product/etc and provide it by the 30th of April.  Let me know if you want to offer any discounts, giveaways, product reviews, or whatever you think would drive traffic your direction!
Here are some stats on L.A.I.D. to help you make your decision:
  • L.A.I.D. has 816 followers and growing daily
  • If you don't own your own business or have anything to promote consider promoting your own blog.  The more exposure the better!
  • I will promote you in anyway I can.  Having a sale?  Interested in a giveaway?  Hosting a link-up?  Let me know and I'll blog/FB/Tweet about it along with doing a monthly post about you!
  • L.A.I.D. has an average of 37,000 page views each month with nearly 400,000 all time, that's a lot of exposure people!
  • I take a lot of pride in this little blog of mine.  I post 5 days a week which means that's 5 times a week people could see your ad and go to your site!
  • Prices are pretty cheap around here, just $10 gets your a spot for the entire month.
  So there you have it!  I'd love to have you and build a lasting relationship! 


  1. This picture of you is hilarious! But you look SUPER skinny!!! And who is that in that background?! And I can see little KP head poking out the bottom of the picture!!

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