June 20, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I'm a little bit sad that when I held my friends new baby yesterday Kendall kept saying "no mama, no baby!".
  • I am actually excited about Kendall's aDORAble fiesta now that I've started gathering some of the supplies.
  • I made a list of things to do today and have done none of them so far.  
  • I thought the ending of Fifty Shades of Grey SUCKED ass.
  • I don't want to cancel our cable until Real Housewives of OC is over.  Just love it.
  • I wouldn't shower if it weren't absolutely necessary.  Hate showering.
  • I have shelves full of books I haven't read yet I can't bring myself to read any of them.
  • I already let KP wear her tee we got for the beach.  I will probably do the same with her birthday tee.
  • I'm so obsessed with Avon that I cannot believe I never tried it until I started selling it.
  • I hate hand-washing dishes so much that I'll run the dishwasher with only 5 things to avoid it.
  • I hardly EVER clean the playroom. What's the point?



  1. So many thoughts on this:
    1) Her party is going to be amaaaaazing, I can just feel it.
    2) I stopped reading 50 Shades after the 2nd book...I just lost interest. There's only so many times I can hear the same sex story over and over again before I get bored.
    3) I agree with RHOC...I'm dying without cable right now--don't put yourself through that torture.
    4) Love these posts, always and forever. I need to "So What" next Wednesday, seriously.

  2. I didn't like the ending of Fifty Shades of Grey and don't really know if I want to read the second book. We just covered our cable and I think I will for sure miss the OC Housewives the most--what oh what is going to bedtime of Gretchen and Slade?!

  3. Keep going with 50 shades. It gets better I promise!!!!! The trilogy ends so wonderfully!!!!

  4. ~Yes the ending did suck. Kinda cheesy to me.
    ~RHOC is good. Brooks is a creep.
    ~Ignore KP girl is crazy, no baby, psh. Ha!

  5. I am currently running the dishwasher with only cups and 2 dishes. I even added ALL of Mackenzie's cups/bottles/straws because I hate washing them. I figure it filled the top rack up, why not. :o)

  6. Housewives of OC is so good this season!! I love Heather, beesh is ballin.

  7. Did you mean just the first book or the whole thing....I recommend having all three books on hand before you start the first. HOWEVER, I thought the ending of the trilogy SUCKED ass! I am a newish stalker and I'm loving SWW, keep it up!

  8. K's invites look sooo adorable Little Law's is a genious! How weird is it that I'm super excited for you 2 to meet?! You're two of my fav's and it'll be epic when you two get together!

    I hate showering too. Like as in I don't know why BF's haven't broken up with me over this LOL. I also hate blowdrying. It's life wasted. But I refuse to wear my hair curly, it looks a MESS

  9. Love this! So glad I got to link up this week!

  10. Avon is pretty cool!

    I read the first two 50 shades books, but just can't finish the third. Maybe someday...

  11. I only read the first 2 50 Shades books, didn't like them enough to read the third.

    I also hate showering, actually I don't mind the shower part I just hate the post shower getting dressed/fixing hair etc.

  12. Can you still do On Demand without cable?? We have basic cable and I watch my favorite Bravo shows On Demand!!

    I never clean the playroom. Glad I'm not the only one! You're right, though...what's the point?!

    Hello, procratination!!! I have SO many things to do, always, but I'd rather blog!! ;)

  13. So so many people are cancelling their cable for the summer. I just can't bring myself to do it.
    50 Shades was kind of a disappointment. I was drawn in in the beginning but by the end I just thought it was a big time suck!

  14. ARGH!! Dont tell me the end blows!!! I am only halfway through book two!!! Anyhow..I am linking up with you this week...Hope the rest of your week is FABOO!!!!



  15. After each current Real Housewife season I get hooked only to that city and SWEAR that I will NOT be watching the next batch of cities. Hmm... IS that 4 new episodes of New Jersey on my DVD?? OF COURSE. Can't help it. ALL of those RHO girls are just kah-razy.

  16. KP is jealous now, but wait until that baby is "hers." From experience, big sisters LOVE to be BIG SISTERS!

    And don't worry about the mess. It's perpetual. Just do you best to contain it - that's the best we can hope for.


  17. Had fun linking up again this week :) I am OBsessed with RHOC, though I was *thiiiis* close to gauging my own eyes out listening to Vicki tell everyone about the fur from Brooks. Sugar, please. Also, not sure what my deal is, but started 50 Shades and haven't been able to finish. I hear it gets better.

  18. the no mama no baby thing just cracked me up.... oh our precious first borns.

    and i promise 50 shades get better... however... have to admit... i havent finished the third... its been like a month since i started... just cant get back to it.

    but the second one is great!

  19. Just stumbled upon your blog from pinterest!
    I love the RHOC.. oh so intriguing, my hubby hates it but who cares!
    59 shades does get better, it's an awesome series!
    New follower [love your blog already & already jumped on the 'so what' bandwagon!]

  20. I can't wait to see how KP's party comes together!

  21. The ending to the first book or the entire series ending? Keep reading if you've only read book one!