July 23, 2012

Jam On- Nailed It!

So you know how Pinterest is full of these adorable manicures?  Chevron stripes, polka dots, heck even monogrammed nails are everywhere!  I see them and I'm all jealous because I can barely paint my right hand without it looking like I gave the brush to KP.  Then I'm too cheap to go get a proper mani so my nails look like this most days.
Upon first glance you think, "hey, not bad" right?  But if you look closer you can see {especially on my pointer finger} that it's all over my cuticles and I never bother cleaning that up.  Needless to say I'm a big fat finger nail painter fail.  True story.  Not to mention it's beyond irritating when I do take the time to paint my nails, in between episodes of Dora, and then I wake up in the morning and it's already chipped.  Even when I use a top coat.  Even when I let them dry for 5 hours.  Even when I use OPI or Essie polishes.  They.Always.Chip.  
So I basically give up on manicures, unless I'm going to a wedding or feel like being fancy for some other reason.  Until now.
Have you heard of Jamberry Nails?  They sell the most adorable nail shields and the best part is they last for up to 2 weeks on your nails and up to 8 on your toes!  
Now when I first tried them I was nervous.  Am I doing this right?  Are they really going to last 2 weeks?  Well the verdict is in and what they say is true!  They were pretty easy to apply, I mean I was able to do it with Kendall awake and watching, and lasted even with going to the pool 2-3 times a week!  Wowza!  I may never buy nail polish again!
{my mom thought these looked like Snooki nails, I think they are fun!}
I got so many compliments on these, regardless of what my mom says, that I can't wait to try the black and white chevron that I got too.  I think the second time around will be even easier {now that I know what I'm doing} and will end up lasting even longer.  I took these off after a week because I needed fun!color!run! nails.
{yeah these look cute but they were chipped the.next.day.}
Are you ready for the next best part?  You have some fabulous options here!  Rachel wants you to get in on this latest craze and get some  pretty nails too! 
  • Go "like" Rachel's Facebook page, tell her I sent you, and get entered to win one sheet of shields of your choice.
  • If you place an order by July 30th you will be eligible to win 4 sheets for FREE!
So I'm saying, "what are you waiting for?"  Basically I'll never have cute nails without Jamberry so I'm sold!



  1. Cute mani! Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. I have been doing the Sally Hansen version of these for a few weeks and LOVE them!!!! I have leopard nails right now :)

  3. oh! can't wait to try this, i'm a lefty and my left hand always looks terrible, i'm a fail too when fingernail painting!

  4. Those nails are super cute!! Don't listen to your mother.

  5. Love nail art, so so much. Visited & commented I was stopping by thanks to LAID :)

  6. Kelly blogged about an awesome topcoat that will keep your nails chip-free for days :) http://www.keepingupwithkellyandco.com/2012/07/introducing-major-game-changer-for-at.html