July 6, 2012

Prepping for House Guests

Do you guys realize that in ONE WEEK I'm going to be picking up this lady and her little dude from the airport?  I am shitting myself over here {figuratively, obviously}.
Thanks to the 4th of July holiday I'm officially off track as far as what day it is. I have spent the past 2 days making lists, buying snacks and cleaning my house frantically, only to realize I still have a week and I'm going to be doing this all again NEXT Thursday.
At least cleaning is like therapy for me.
Jimmy has his own list of things that need to be done before she and Smithy-poo come.

All I can say is THANK GOD we still have a week because his list is pretty intense, right?  I mean cleaning the bathrooms never looked so appealing.
Good think I did the spare bedroom makeover a month ago!
A few weeks ago I had posted that I was painting one of our guest baths.  Why you ask?  Well...it had been sitting with a patch in the wall for well over a year now.  Jimmy "slipped and fell" and his knee knocked a hole in the wall and we'd been living with a big, white patch in the middle of our mocha brown wall for far too long.  Leave it to an upcoming house guest, our first house guest, to light a fire under our asses and get it taken care of, finally!  Viola!

Can we just say how amazing it is that you can take a paint chip in to Home Depot and they can match the color spot on?  I mean that's just spectacular.
Now that Kendall won't be the only one using her bathroom, it needed some sprucing up too!  When we moved in the one thing I hated about the house, really the only thing, were the glass, slider doors on the shower.  White hot hated them. Have you tried to bathe a baby with those things in the way? OUCH!  Again, leave it to first time house guests to finally get me to do something about it and VIOLA!  Instant improvement.

I had already gone with a bugs n' butterflies theme for her bathroom and when I saw this shower curtain on One Kings Lane I knew it would be perfect.  Hit up Tar-jey for the fun hooks and we've got an adorable {and cheap!} makeover!  I just love how bright and fun this bathroom is! I picked up a hot pink and lemon yellow towel set and OMG cuteness overload. I may start showering in there now {again}.
Kristen keeps telling me, "don't do this stuff for me!  I don't care!"  But the truth of the matter is these are all things that NEEDED to be done for a LONG time but we just needed an extra push to get them done.
Now do you think we could manage a master bedroom makeover in less than a week?  Doubtful!
*I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.*


  1. Love the shower curtain- so stinkin cute!

  2. Did you take out the glass doors or just cover them?

  3. I totally agree with you. Having house guests is great motivation to get things done that just linger out there!

  4. That bathroom is to DIE for! Love it! I need to do something cute with Chloe's ugly yellow bathroom...lol!

  5. I can't wait for the tweets, blog posts, and instagram pics from her visit!

  6. i CANNOT wait to read about the recap of your meeting... i have to imagine it will be absolutely AMAZING. you two are some funny ladies.... its going to be a great time, im sure!

  7. I hate the sliding doors too! If we take the house we are looking at I'm putting up a curtain to hide the ugly things. I think one of the doors had a mirror on it too. Ick!

  8. cute bathroom!! have super lots of fun with your houseguest!

  9. How hard was it for you (Jimmy) to convert the shower from gross doors (I have them and HATE them too) to a nice clean looking shower curtain?

  10. OK, wait. Did you just put the curtain up in front of the doors? Or did you take them down altogether? Because taking them out would be a major pain...and simply covering them up is GENIUS :) KLaw is going to love you hardcore - and not because of your bathroom!