July 31, 2012


Well this weekend was one for the record books.  Let's start with the bad, shall we?  
Sunday was gorgeous, like turn off the a/c gorgeous.  Jimmy had went golfing in the morning and while he was gone Kendall and I were outside mapping out where the new swing set would go, when I texted Jimmy and said, "this is the perfect zoo day!".  To my surprise he agreed!  {side note:: the zoo is a good 40ish minutes away}  Kendall went down for a nap early {perfect!} and we packed some snacks and loaded the car and when she woke at 3 we were off!  She was so excited, "see aminals!" and that had us all giddy too.  {side note:: this was the first time since she was 14 months old that we had gone to the zoo as a family}.
I should have known upon entrance that this day was doomed.  We had gotten a "buy one get one" coupon from our summer reading program at the library and, really, that was why we were going.  Dudes the zoo is 'spensive!  When we got up to the ticket counter we were informed that our coupon was only valid on a CHILDS admittance.  I can honestly say, that had the zoo not been 40 minutes away,  we would have turned around and left right then and there.  But, alas, we paid the $30 admission fee and proceeded, determined to have a fun time.
About an hour into our "fun time" Jimmy decided that the smell of fried food was getting to him and he had!to!have!french!fries!  So to the food court we went.  It was about this time that Kendall demanded to be out of the stroller.  This isn't unusual for her, she's not really a fan of being confined.  As soon as she was in my arms I could feel how hot she was.  No big deal though because it was pretty warm and we were in the direct sun for most of the afternoon.  Thankfully we were headed into some air conditioning. Then she laid her head on my shoulders, hugged me really tight, and refused french fries. My child, refused french fries.  I knew something was wrong. 
As soon as we sat down she raised her head off of my shoulder looked at me and vomited, all over my dress, all over the floor. Orange.  Applesaucey. Vomit. Lovely.  This would be my first experience with vomit.  
She was a champ though.  She didn't cry, act scared, freak out, nothing. She just looked at me, even helped me and Jimmy clean up, and then laid her head back down.  We knew we had to leave so we headed to the car and while we were walking she said, "I sowwy".  Poor girl.  Broke my heart.  
She fell asleep on the car ride home and when we got home she woke up and seemed better, but was still burning up. Sure as the day is long, she had a temperature of 102.1.  Now I'm normally a "wait and see" type of mom but fevers freak my freak.  Popsicles and ice packs and cold compresses and a dose of Tylenol for the rest of the night.
By the time she went to bed her fever was down to 99.1.  
And then I went to check on her before we went to bed.  I noticed a wet spot on her sheet and at first glance thought nothing of it, she drooled, right? Wrong.  Diarrhea.  All over her sheet, all over her onesie.  Poor thing.  Thanks to some team work and lots of sush-ing we managed to tackle the mess in record breaking time and without completely waking the babe.
Thankfully she's feeling better and I'm hoping it was just a one time thing.  We don't get sick in this house but when we do, we do it up good.
Oh and thank you, Columbus Zoo, for providing us with our only pics from that day.  Pre-vomit, of course.
Overall our first experience with vomit {yes in 2 years we're just now experiencing vomit} wasn't totally dreadful.  Kendall handled it like a champ, I wasn't completely grossed out, and she seems to be on the mend, less than 24 hours later.  This morning she's still apologizing for vomiting on me, "bless you, mommy shirt" is what she keeps saying.  Sweet, sweet girl.


  1. Awww poor baby girl! Hope she is feeling better!

  2. Aww poor thing. Hope she is feeling much better now. Oh my gosh, how sweet of her to say sorry and then still be thinking of your shirt. What a sweetheart.

  3. Sickies are no fun :( poor thing, glad she's doing better and what a sweetheart for being worried about your dress!

  4. Aww, poor baby!!! I hope she's feeling better today! And L is 4 and B has never been vomited on. I get it every. single. time.

  5. Poor KP :( The "I sowwy" kills me! I'm glad she's doing better though.

  6. Bless her heart! Easton calls it 'choking' when he threw up. If she's anything like him, she'll talk about it a week. Then it'll come up again when you talk about the zoo in the future! They don't forget ANYTHING! HA! Hope she's feeling better!

  7. Poor girl and poor mommy. I haven't had to deal with real kid vomit yet (only baby vomit) though a month ago my husband puked in the car, while driving, which I got to clean up. Yeah that sucked.

  8. awww, poor girl. The fact that was the first vomit experience is a feat though. Glad she's feeling a bit better!

  9. OMG, poor thing! I'm glad she was a champ about it though! And I'm glad she's feeling better :)

  10. Oh poor girl! Hope she is feeling better.

  11. poor, poor baby :( hopefully she's feeling better now.

    and e's 28 months old and we still haven't experienced vomit. thank. you. God. because that might do me in.

  12. Oh sweets, that is rough... Em has only had the stomach thing twice, but the first time, right before the vomit, I felt like somethign was wrong with her so I brought her in our bed, laid her down on my chest and just-like-that... all over me, the bed, my pillow.. it was horrible..