July 4, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT! if...
  • I kinda sorta forgot about this post because we were having a blast at Red, White, & Boom last night.
  • I was really nervous that the pools would be closed today.  I seriously don't know what I'll do when fall/winter comes and I don't have cheap entertainment that wears KP out in a matter of 2 hours.
  • It's also because I'll miss my great tan.
  • I slept till 9:30 today and didn't even feel a tiny bit guilty about it.
  • I ate cotton candy, ice cream, a cookie and had 2 glasses of beer last night for dinner.
  • Now I have to have a Vi-Shake for breakfast.
  • Right now I'm anxiously waiting for Cuptakes to update so I can download a fun, new 4th of July background for my phone.
  • I'm addicted to my Scentsy scent Skinny Dippin', like burn it all the time, obsessed.  Love it!
  • I couldn't bring myself to cancel cable completely, instead I downgraded our service. Which means I get to keep the DVR but not Bravo!  But I still saved us $60 a month, so that's a win, right?



  1. Thanks for not forgetting SWW :) Your dinner sounds fab lol! I'm at work dying of boredom. I have tons to do, it's just the principle of being here while EVERYONE else is home with their families. Has this mama bummed! I have a Zoya full size nail polish freebie code in my SWW. Trying to turn my frown upside down with some fun nail stuff today haha!

  2. How did KP do last night??! I was wondering about that. Also, how are those Vi Shakes? I want to try them! I know someone that lost like 10 lbs....I'm intrigued!

  3. Sounds like a good dinner and breakfast to me ; )

  4. Your dinner sounds perfect! :)

  5. There's nothing wrong with eating all of that food...it's summer, right? That's how I justify all the hamburgers and hot dogs that I've been eating :)

  6. Oh, and make sure to check out my blog on Monday. I know, I know, that's like forever away, but I nominated you for an award!

  7. Tell us about Vi Shakes. And I could never cancel cable. It makes me nervous just thinking about it!!

  8. we are looking at really downgrading our cable bill too...its ridiculous!!

    I have no clue how to entertain carsyn without a pool?!

    and your dinner....sounds amazing!

  9. I can't wait to go to our local carnival and get some crappy food! Funnel cake sounds so good right now! I'll probably send my husband, though. HUGE crowd + 7 month old + Momma who wants funnel cake = not such a good idea!

  10. We never made it to Red White and Boom the years we lived in OH due to work and I always wanted to go!
    Yay for not being totally free of cable, I miss even the basic channels and agree Brave should be standard!!