July 25, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT! if...

  • I bought the breadsticks and cheese handi-snacks for Kendall but she doesn't like the cheese.  I love those things and they're only 100 calories!  Score.
  • Most days I don't shower till around 2.  Unless we have somewhere to be in the morning, of course.
  • I'm obsessed with my tan.  Yeah, I said tan.  I've been sporting SPF 30 all summer but I still have a delicious glow.  I love it.
  • My dry erase board in the kitchen still says "Welcome Kristen & Smith".
  • Same goes for the chalk board in the playroom.
  • I'm really tempted to order the Live Feeds of Big Brother.  Tell me not to, someone!
  • I'm contemplating a new blog design but 1. I really kinda love this one still and 2. I don't know what else I'd do anyway.
  • I am proud of myself for not giving KP her birthday gifts already.  Jimmy and I are both terrible when it comes to keeping gifts till their proper date so this is HUGE, people.
  • I love our house but Pinterest makes me want to redo every room.
  • Kendall is still in her PJs at 4 pm and will most likely keep them on till bath and then put on a new pair.



  1. I have SUCH a hard time not giving gifts. Good for you for holding out, I would be bursting to do it, especially because she's going to be so excited!

    And hey, 2pm showers are what's in right now, right?

  2. If she still in her jams at 4 that's good reason to skip the bath and just keep the same jams on. Less work.

  3. OMG I'm horrible with not giving gifts early too! Haha. I don't buy anything for Big A until the day of. I can't be trusted. Haha.

  4. I have the same blog design dilemma problem. Also with the gift giving, I don't think I ever wait! Ever! Giving presents is just too fun. :)

  5. Dude, I want to shout at every girl who goes out and gets scorched in the sun because they're trying to get a "tan"--and be like, "FOR REAL--WEAR 30! YOU CAN STILL GET A TAN!"...

    It's like, I didn't "get" this concept until I was an adult. But it's true. I sport a nice glow, too but I'm all about sunscreen.

  6. ha! G was in pajamas until 4 yesterday! I kept trying to get him outside to play and he shockingly said no. I usually don't shower until Grayson is taking his nap! I apologize to anyone who sees me before that!

  7. PJs all day all the way.


  8. I have the hardest time not giving gifts early either. This year is going to be hard because I plan to do a lot of xmas shopping early to help out the bank account. Torture!

  9. Very excited to join the shower-after-2PM club with you! We'll have to watch Bravo TV via Skype together!


  10. I'm obsessed with my tan too. I'll be so sad when it's gone. So sad.

    I'm with you on gifts too. It drives me crazy to have them in my possession and not be able to give them out.

  11. My sons birthday was Friday and I had his gift for the whole week before. I was hard not to give it to him since we did get him a DS this year.

    Sometimes I let my little stay in his jammies until bath time, I stay in mine to.

  12. I miss the days of not showering until right before my boyfriend came home because I was studying all day!

  13. Oh man... we are TERRIBLE about giving gifts the second we buy them! We had to keep Xander's 2nd birthday presents in my trunk (unwrapped) until the night before his birthday so we wouldn't be tempted!!

  14. I usually don't shower until my hubby gets home and then I lock the bathroom door and take a nice, long one. It's a nice break after long days.

    I'm obsessed with Big Brother too, but I found a spoiler site that basically just tells you what's happening on the feeds. And it's free so I do that instead of paying for the feeds :)

  15. I love your blog design! Yay for keeping the goodies hidden! & Pinterest makes things so tempting!