August 3, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Meet Kodi.  She's my friend.  She's also a Thirty-One consultant, oops I mean DIRECTOR {whoop whoop}.  She achieved director status in, like, a year and as a former Home Office employee, that's pretty damn special.  Interested in Thirty-One? She's your girl.  She just recently attended National Conference and is full of information and ready to grow her team. Even if it's something you've only slightly thought about doing I suggest getting in contact with her because it is truly a life-changing company.  
So I thought it'd be kinda fun to get to know some of our sponsors on a more "intimate" level. So without further ado, a little Q&A with Kodi.

1.  Who are you?
I'm Kodi- I am an Independent Director for thirty-one, a mom, a wife, a blogger, and a glorified church secretary from 9-5 Monday through Friday. Mostly, I'm a twenty-something girl still trying to figure out life. 

2. Why do you love blogging?

I love blogging because I've been able to make some of my best friends this of which is Shannon! I've gotten to meet a few bloggers IRL- Jenn from The Getts Times and Jennifer from Knee Deep in Munchkinland. Both have been amazing experiences. I love both ladies! Tomorrow I'm heading to the thirty-one National Convention in Atlanta and I get to meet two more bloggers who have actually started selling thirty-one along with me! Michelle and Amanda. I'm also hoping to meet some other thirty-one consultants who blog! 

link for Jenn Getts-
link for Jennifer-
link for michelle-
link for Amanda 

3.  What's your drink of choice? 
Well, my first love was Dr. Pepper, but I didn't love how chubby I've felt lately, so I'm strictly a water/tea/lemonade type of girl. Chick-fil-a sweet tea is the best!

4.  If you were awarded a day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? 
Well, if I had an unlimited budget I'd love to enjoy a full day at the spa. Sleeping in a big fluffy hotel bed with room service sounds amazing too.

5.  Describe yourself in 5 words, because 3 is too few and 7 is too many. 
Oh wow...this is a good question, but hard to answer! Compassionate, Kind, Stubborn, Loyal and Objective. Whew. 

6.  What celeb {dead or alive} would you like to hang out with for the day? 
Peyton Manning (duh!) 


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