September 25, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Today I want you to say "Hi!" to April!  She's my newest Scentsy sponsor and she couldn't have come on board at a better time!  Why, you ask?  It's fall and they just launched their fall/winter scents!  My favorite?  Pumpkin Marshmallow, hands down.  I got some last fall and I was sold upon first warm.  Jimmy is a BIG fan too.  Go get some, now!  I promise you won't regret it.  I'm also getting excited for some of the Christmas scents, mainly Silver Bells!  It sounds heavenly and yummy and it just screams Christmas-time to me!  Oh, and for all you fake tree girls out there, they have Iced Pine so you too can smell like you have a fresh-cut tree in your house this year!

Tell me about you!
I am a Coastie wife and SAHM! When I am not knitting, playing photographer or chasing my kids, I am selling Scentsy. I love having my home smell nice and with two littles and a brain that never works on full power, no flame makes it perfect for me. I have so much fun sharing Scentsy with others and getting a little time out of the house in the process. Scentsy warmers come in a variety of styles that will surely match everyone's home.

Three words that describe yourself.  Just 3 because 5 is too many and one is weird.

3 words to describe myself: Loyal, Strong and Sarcastic (not that any of these words are sarcastic descriptions of myself).

If you could only listen to one CD {umm CD? I'm old!} for the rest of your life, which would you chose?
One CD the rest of my life?? Dave Matthews Band, Crash. Best band and album of all time.

Drink of choice {doesn't have to be boxed wine but if it is I'll be your BFF}?
Drink of choice in the AM is coffee, lots and lots of coffee. My anytime drink is a good old Sailor Jerry and Coke. Yum. Or a good cold beer. Or red wine. Or...oh wait, just one?! Rum and Coke!

Which celebrity {dead or alive} would you want to hang out with for one full day?  Why?
Celeb to hang with? Oh my goodness, Dave Matthews maybe because he is awesome and maybe he would sing to me all day long...
Nope, scratch that, I would hang with Julia Roberts because I just think she is the bees knees. She seems hilarious and genuine.

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