September 2, 2012

Sponsor Sunday

Interested in placing an ad on Life After I "Dew"?
Looking for someone to review a product?
Want to just get your name/blog/Etsy store out there?
Then I just may be your girl! 

  • L.A.I.D. has over 1200 followers, and growing daily
  • I can promote Etsy stores, direct sales consultants, or even bloggers!  This is a great way to get your name and/or business out there! The more exposure the better!
  • I will promote you in anyway I can.  Having a sale?  Interested in a giveaway?  Hosting a link-up?  Let me know and I'll blog/FB/Tweet about it!
  • If you have a product I'll gladly pin it all over Pinterest.  Want to show off a room you just redid, I'll pin that too.  It's all about MORE exposure!
  • L.A.I.D. has an average of 167,000 page views each month with an overall 1,545,036 pageviews- that's a lot of exposure people!
  • I take a lot of pride in this little blog of mine.  I post 5 days a week which means that's 5 times a week people could see your ad and go to your site!
  • You will just need to provide a brief write up of you/your blog/your business and HTML code for your blog button and THAT'S IT! I'll take care of the rest!
  • Don't have a blog button?  No worries, for an extra fee I can make one if you provide me with an image to use.  
  • During the month you sponsor I will have a "Sponsor Spotlight" post all about YOU!  It can be a bio provided by you or we can get creative with a little Q & A session.  Whatever will get people interested in YOU!

I've made it easy for you now, just pick your size below and bada bing, bada boom!  Done-zo!


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